Booking a Cruise – Do not Overlook These Tips


Whether you've been to dozens of cruises, or your first, you'll always learn more about how to make your cruise experience fabulous! If you decide to try or not a cruise, remember that if you look at special offers, your cruise may cost less than staying in a hotel for three days.

Whether you want to save a few dollars or not (because only travel agents get the really great rates), here are some ideas that are often overlooked to help you book your new business.

When should you book a cruise? During the off-season if you can. If you live anywhere in the north where you have long cold winters, the winter is the time you should go. Not only do you get a break from your cold country, you usually get good rates. The general population takes their holidays during the summer months (May to September), although some of the summer places they visit are extremely hot. As a rule, cruises are discounted in winter, depending on the location. Avoid too popular places, like the Caribbean, because the winter (November-March) is their most enjoyable time to visit. (Sweating constantly, especially in the middle of the night, is an uncomfortable experience!)

If you book a short cruise (3-7 days, recommended for first time cruises), book about 3 months in advance. If you go longer (7-21 days), book 5 months in advance. If you have plenty of time, money and freedom and are on a global cruise (usually over 100 days), you must book a year in advance, as these tours are less frequent than your own. short trips and surprisingly fast.

To save money, book your flight and sail together. If you have booked a flight outside your cruise package, be sure to allow extra time to get to your ship, as they do not have to wait for you if your flight is delayed. If you find that you missed the ship, it is possible to catch the plane for their next port of entry and join your cruise to this place. It's a headache and a stress to organize, so just arrive on time. If you are embarking on an overseas cruise, arrive 1-2 days earlier, so you will not miss your cruise, which will also give you the opportunity to rest and adapt to weather and climate change. .

If you are concerned about your room, be sure to ask that your fabulous view of your window is not obscured by people on the boardwalk or by a lifeboat. Most cruise ships have websites where you can search for the layout and class of your room.

Be sure to ask for everything that is included in the price of your cruise: tips, beverages (usually refunded to water and maybe to juice), taxes and fees are usually included ; Shore excursions, spa treatments, massages, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are usually extra.

There is one last note. If you think you might be prone to motion sickness, be sure to get a prescription or medication to combat this unpleasant and often debilitating sensation. Cruise ships have a doctor on board, but their charge is usually extra and may not be covered by your health insurance. If you have health problems, get ready in advance knowing what your insurance covers to find out if you need additional insurance for your trip.


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