Bridal Beauty Tips for a Las Vegas Wedding


Ah, marriages in Las Vegas! One of the most talked about wedding destinations for brides and grooms. There are about 315 weddings a day in Las Vegas – that's a lot of "I do".

But before you book your plane ticket and make an appointment at the Little White Wedding Chapel, there are some beauty considerations to consider for women in advance of an event. decision to link the Vegas node style.

Las Vegas is in Nevada. This is a city created from the dust of a desert. The deserts are dry. Very dry. Do you see where we're going with that? Your skin might not be a happy camper in Las Vegas. And if your skin is not happy, will you, the bride, be happy there?

I can only talk about myself, but every time I go to Vegas, my skin looks like poo. It looks like it's cracking and starts to get dry and irritable in no time. The poor lighting in most hotels on the Vegas Strip does not help either – but when I look in the mirror there, I see a red face and I feel weird. Before I can even hit a slot machine, play or enjoy all that Vegas has to offer, I usually find myself rushing to the pharmacy to buy some skin lotion.

Everyone has different skin types and tolerances. Some women shine in a dry climate and love it. I learned quickly enough that I am not one of them. If you are not one of them either, consider a wedding in Las Vegas cautiously. After all, a bride wants to be beautiful on her wedding day. And I can say for myself that I do not feel beautiful when I'm in Vegas, I feel like I wanted to throw a bag on my head – not very nice to walk in the driveway.

If you are settling for a wedding in Las Vegas make sure to keep your regiment of beauty as consistent as possible.Translation – pack ALL of your skin cleansers, creams and potions of beauty with you! The shampoos, soaps and conditioners found in most hotels are extremely dry. You will also want to consider increasing the hydration in advance. The last thing you want is to go to Las Vegas and spend a small fortune on more makeup and beauty supplies (at Vegas prices that could be equal to a second honeymoon.)

Plus, you do not want to try new products in a new climate the biggest day of your life.


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