Brief history of the glazier


Glass and its origins have been since the Stone Age. The first glass objects go back to pearls and beetles. There are signs of many sophisticated methods, including the formed core and the wound, as early as 2340-2180 BC. AD in regions such as in and around Russia and later in Egypt. Glass in its natural form is a blue / green color that is caused by the iron impurities of the sand in which it resides. Glaziers can change the color of the glass by adding metal compounds and mineral oxides to the glass structure in liquid state after heating. At this point, glass can be transformed into several forms, such as a recent creation of fiberglass where the glass fibers are interwoven with silk fibers. The Egyptians created the technique of changing the color of the glass and the blowing glass to create different glass objects such as pots and bottles. Its popularity grew with the glass trade extending to the Roman Empire, China, Scandinavia and then shortly after most places on the planet.

The creation of the glass then increased and was a fully recognized trade around 1500bc due to the popular demand for glass with its versatility and unique appearance. In the 11th century, Germany made new ways to make glass sheets. They search spheres and balance them to form cylinders, while being warm; They will then flatten the sheets. It was perfected in the 13th century from which windows would be created, which has led the glazing industry to develop even further. The different stages of glass design, cutting, installation and repair meant that glazing in the majority of the world has constituted an important part of the trade in society through commercial and residential needs . In addition to the other uses that glass occupies today, such as visual aids in glasses, glass is an important part of today 's society.

The future of glass and its use in society are still developing as experimental steps of use Glass and its structure as glass fibers are at an early stage in Because of the multitude of combinations of glass allows other materials to interlace with. When buying glass products like conservatories, make sure that the glass comes with the British Standard Kite Marks, as it is the internationally recognized symbol of the quality of British glass products.

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