Bring the luxury of Old World Spain to your home design


Spanish design consists of highlighting great architectural elements. Common in California, Texas and the Southwest, Spanish-style homes are typically built in stucco with solid wood trim and red clay tile roofs, large verandahs and open windows. The entrance door is often more than a portico in a small courtyard, as opposed to open in the house.

An essential element of the design of the Spanish house is the seamless integration between interior and exterior spaces. The floor plans generally open up to spacious outdoor spaces with French doors and arcades designed to let in plenty of natural light. These outdoor spaces are intended to be inhabited extensions of the house. Many drawings will be centered on a main courtyard, originally intended to offer the Spanish nobility a private garden protected from prying eyes of the public. These intimate sheltered spaces are perfect for relaxing and entertaining on a hot summer evening.

Wood in distress is essential to the Spanish style. The most traditional flooring choice in a Spanish-style house is hardwood and rooms completely carpeted are rare. Terracotta tile is another popular choice of flooring, especially if it has a slightly rough texture or an annoying surface. Sometimes bright tile accents in the corners or the centerpiece of engraved tiles are added for more drama and color. Adding hand-painted tiles to a kitchen counter or backsplash is another great way to incorporate color and Spanish design.

The interior walls are usually finished with a stucco texture in warm earth tones like mole, burnt orange, chocolate brown and mustard yellow. Hot poppy red, cobalt blue, olive green and golden sunflower yellow are popular accent colors that bring a Mediterranean touch to your home. Design elements like earthenware vases, urns and bowls in unique shapes can make a powerful statement that their dark, rich colors offer a distinct contrast to warmer color walls.

Ornamental ironwork is also typically Spanish and is a great choice for handrails, wall-mounted candle holders, mirrors and more. A lot of iron work can be custom designed to match the unique needs of your home. Meanwhile, the wall hangings give priority to the room and offer an ideal textural contrast with the stone and metal elements that make up much of the Spanish design. Table runners and cushions in ocher, cinnamon, olive and bronze complete the picture.

Many traditional Spanish-style interiors also have wood-framed windows, carved panels and ceilings accented with wooden beams and pewter decorative tiles.

When it comes to building and designing a Spanish-style luxury home, the devil is really in the details. Good items, such as earthenware pots and faience tile accents, in the wrong color or style, will not evoke the Mediterranean feel that a Spanish house is meant to reflect.


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