Bringing the outdoors into the home's design


Reflecting Nature with Color, Accents and Furniture

Incorporating elements of Florida's enticing exterior life into your home can be difficult when temperatures rise, windows and sliding doors close for the season . A / C becomes your constant companion. This problem is not, however, an intransigent situation. With some solutions inspired by the great outdoors, you can create your inner oasis.

Color – Think Green

Look around and be inspired by the beautiful colors of nature. Create lush greenery starting with one or more of the vibrant green hues that abound – green water lily, juniper, basil, deep kiwi, lime green, grasshopper, artichoke and jasmine, to name a few. Paint an accent wall, or mix the colors by adding accessories.

Incorporate other variations in nature

  • From the beach – shell, beach sand, egret, pearl, azure, deep ultramarine blue, reed, lightest sky, powdery white, shiny cobalt, meerschaum, surf spray, green bottle 19659007] From the garden – Jacaranda, lavender, purple, mauve dahlia, bougainvillea, pink phlox, buttercup, lemon, yellow primrose, tender shoots, camellia rose, morning glory

Accents – Think Green

When it comes to accents and accessories, go green with ecological and natural materials. Furnishings and fabulous products made from bamboo, reeds, herbs, recycled and salvaged materials, not only to bring the outside environment, but also do it in a way that our collective environment enjoy.

From the ground up – Swap area rugs with indoor / outdoor rugs or sisal rugs. New styles and designs are introduced every day, splashing bright colors transforming your interior space into an extension of your deck or porch.

Treat heavy window treatments for light and windy sailcloths or crisp summer linens. Tie the curtains and draperies with raffia, a seashell border or a garland of flowers.

Change the illustrations and picture frames, capturing the outward appearance of your dreams with touches of the sea, a garden, or a backyard retreat. Portraits frames with bamboo frames or natural weave.

If lanterns, fountains and plants are things that you prefer, do not limit them to the outside. Lanterns with candles and seasonal garlands provide instant indoor party lighting. The fountains and their relaxing waters create a sense of oasis of calm. Bring plants, vegetable gardens and freshly cut flowers. If you do not have a green thumb, the glass containers filled with objects from the outside provide an excellent natural decorative touch.

Add rustic, rustic pieces from the outside, like a wicker bench or rocker. Or opt for simple pieces of wood or rattan, such as a chair or table, to lighten your furniture. Hang on or lean, wear wood and worn iron doors on your interior walls before closing the doors of your outdoor design season.


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