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Brussels, capital of Belgium and administrative center of the European Union, is a beautiful place for your Christmas holidays and an ideal place to do your Christmas shopping. The Brussels Christmas Market is a magical place filled with colorful lights, decorative stands and delicious cuisines to reinforce your party spirit. Markets always have a lot to offer visitors. The Brussels Christmas market is also known as the winter wonderland. The city will hold its annual winter wonders in 2010-2011 from November 26, 2010 to January 2011. During this time, you will discover every part of the city glittering with beautiful lights, numerous exhibitions and festivals-filled markets to make the city a perfect place. really lively atmosphere.

Location and Shops

The two main places where the Christmas market is located in Brussels are Grand Place and Place Sainte-Catherine. Here you will find many activities to do for children and adults.

For shopping, there is a wide range of products. This place is also called the shopping district of Europe. Here you will find both traditional and trendy items, some specialties will include gourmet specialties, crafts, chocolates, and so on. Some of the well-known shopping centers for all your business needs are Fort Jaco Shopping Center, Woluwe Shopping Center, Basilix Shopping Center and Westland Shopping Center.

Nightlife at the Christmas Market

During the holiday season, the city's wonderful nightlife adds 5 beginnings and becomes even more wonderful. You will feel like a real holiday environment here, with trendy bars and restaurants offering delicious food and drinks.

How to get there

However, the best option to reach Brussels is the high speed Eurostar which is surprisingly fast and incomparably comfortable.


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