Building a Chicken House – 5 Important Aspects of Design


Proper Ventilation

When constructing a hen house, it is imperative to consider adequate ventilation of the hen house as the chickens must be cooled during the heat intensity at noon. The circulation of free air in the building can help enormously to prevent the rise of the temperature;

Good Drainage

Chickens must be dry most of the time; and you must avoid getting wet. For this reason, the cooperative must have a well-designed drainage system that completely evacuates the water from the building; In this way, the poultry are not wet because they are very sensitive to health problems and diseases that can affect the whole poultry.

Proper Lighting

Lighting is essential to keep chickens warm at night when the environment is cold; as well as during the winter and the cold season. Keep in mind that chickens are not only sensitive to extremely hot conditions, but also to the cold environment; and one way to prevent the room temperature from falling much further is to provide adequate lighting.


Cleaning and maintenance are important as this can greatly affect poultry; in terms of health.

Thus, you must also provide provisions for cleaning;


Of course, when building a hen house, it is also ideal for your henhouse to be well in your property or farm. Therefore, it may be optional, but it is also strongly recommended to have some creativity to make its design and appearance very pleasing to the spectators.

Therefore, when building a henhouse, always keep in mind the factors they can greatly affect the success of your business; the fact of not taking into account some of the essential aspects of the design can make a lot of differences on the general condition of the poultry and your business.


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