Butt Acne! Effective Instructions to Get Rid of Butt Acne


Acne can occur in any part of the body, including the buttocks. Butt acne is the most painful and difficult to manage. The acne that occurs in the face, thighs and even in the belly area will not give much discomfort to your sitting posture or your sleep posture. Acne in the buttocks area affects all your actions and activities. Here is the step by step instructions to get rid of your acne butt quickly.

1] Consult a skin specialist to find out the type of acne you have. Acne can be small or large. Dermatologist is the right person, who can give you antifungal lotions, pills and other medicines to cure your acne. You must follow certain instructions, apart from visiting a dermatologist.

2] Yes, avoid soaps, detergents and cosmetics that are allergic to your skin. Use the soap that is prescribed by your skin doctor. Preferably use an organic soap free of chemicals.

3] Adjusted clothing, underwear can increase the acne of the butt. Also avoid wearing nylon, synthetic and polyester clothing. Wear white cotton clothing for comfort. Avoid wearing tight pants at home.

4] Do not let the body sweat, especially in the buttocks area. Sweating will multiply the pimples.

5] Use benzoyl peroxide to cure lacrosse acne. Before applying the cream, clean the buttocks with odorless soaps. Do not use soap that contains too many chemicals.

6] Take a lot of fresh fruits to refresh your body from the inside, because the excess heat is also one of the reasons for the butt acne. You can also take more tender coconut to cool your body quickly.

7] Do not take food that contains too much oil. The oil causes an internal heat in the body and aggravates the acne of the butt.

8] Take more fluids to remove toxins from the body. Water consumption should not be less than 2 to 3 liters per day, because the water eliminates leaks and bacterial infections of the body.

9] Use only sterilized cotton to clean the buttocks. Do not rub hard with rough clothing. Invisible bacteria in clothes will increase inflammation.

10] Acne pain will cause disturbed sleep during the night. You can reduce the pain by giving a massage to the ice cube in the butt. This will reduce inflammation and pain.

So, the tips for protecting and healing acne end-to-end are here. In addition to following the instructions, consult a specialist for quick relief.


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