Camper Body Repairs: Do you know what your motorhome is doing? Repair tips


ABS and GRP Plastic Moldings

Quite often, front panels are made from ABS plastic capped with acrylic and some manufacturers have been known to use a template too thin for this purpose. These have been replaced under warranty in case of breakdown, but this is not good news as it is a standard material for caravan facades.

Different types of plastic

GRP (often called fiberglass) the invisible side and smoothed the other.

ABS plastic is normally smooth and shiny on both sides except when it is used for dark colored bumpers where it tends to have a textured finish

there are many more GRP repairers that do a great job, in part because it's easier to match colors with GRP. Caravan repairers generally prefer to replace full moldings, which can be expensive. If you wish to carry out your own repairs, you can buy Sikaflex 512 Adhesive Sealant and Surface Filler in the UK. For more permanent repairs, there are formal ABS repair kits that are more expensive at around £ 100

GRP sheet panels

They are often used in place of the aluminum foil that has been used in the past. Skilled specialists can repair localized damage.

Monohull body hulls

These simple molded structures give massive strength and light weight. The seamless construction ensures that there is never any penetration of water problems.

Aluminum Skin

This is the traditional coating of caravans, made of pre-painted aluminum sheet. These are always full of holes because there are screw loads that hold all external parts, such as lights, license plates, etc. When the litter sealer breaks down, the caravan starts to leak. When a caravan made like this receives damage, the normal strategy is to repair it with a new piece of aluminum over the damage.

About Motorhome Conversions

Campervans use their original steel bodies at a body shop, just like a car. This is a pretty interesting proposition when you think that any other type of body may involve long waits for the arrival of the pieces.


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