Can Wiping Too Hard Cause Hemroids?


Although wiping the anal or rectal area does not cause hemorrhoids, it can aggravate an already existing hemroid. Therefore, to avoid this, each saddle must be able to evacuate the contents properly.

In case of internal hemorrhoids, excessive wiping may result in bleeding. Bleeding can also be caused by scratches caused by hard stools. In external hemorrhoids, hemorrhage can be caused by too long wiping or by the use of a hard toilet paper. Scratches caused by hard stools are also accompanied by a lot of pain. In external hemorrhoids, too much bleeding or scratching can also cause bleeding.

Hemorrhoids can also worsen because of diarrhea. Frequent bowel movements accompanied by frequent wiping of the anal area lead to venous lesions and aggravation of hemorrhoids. Therefore, the cure of diarrhea is essential to stop the worsening of hemorrhoids. Also, ensure good hygiene during your diarrheic stay, by carefully washing your hands to prevent transmission of the disease.

Wiping as a cause of hemorrhoids: Alternatives

. Instead, you can use a jet or shower to clean the area. The use of soap is not suggested because it further irritates hemorrhoids. The use of cold water for washing can be relieved. However, if you can not resist wiping, you must wet the tissue paper with cold water before using it on hemorrhoids.

Here are some natural corrective measures to relieve hemorrhoids: on the affected area for about 15 minutes. You can make your own ice pack by mixing 30% alcohol with 70% water in a lockable bag.

Another natural treatment method is to use a hot water bath to relieve hemorrhoids.

foods, fatty or fried foods, or too many dairy products.

Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits and keep hydrated by drinking water frequently. Diets high in fiber help create softer stools that can pass easily without irritating existing hemorrhoids.

The information on hemorrhoids is key to preventing the onset or worsening of this condition. Hemroids Info strives to give you detailed knowledge on all aspects of hemorrhoids.


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