Can You Break Up Abdominal Fat by Massage?


Those who worry about their abdominal fat have probably asked this question, be it themselves, a doctor or a masseuse: Can you break the abdominal fat by massage?

The simple answer is a resounding (and happy) Yes. But before you leave to plan this relaxing massage appointment, let's take a look at some of the reasons why massage can help. Before starting this treatment, it is a good idea to learn as much as possible so that you can choose the type of massage most useful for your situation.

Massage helps increase blood flow – it's good for many reasons, but it has special applications for those who want to lose weight. It helps the muscles burn calories that otherwise would have remained unused by sending them extra nutrients and oxygen through increased blood flow.

Massage can also cause the rupture of fat cells; the fat escapes and can be more easily removed by exercising and eating well. This only happens when massage therapy is energetic. It is the most effective for getting rid of subcutaneous fat; it's the type of fat that you can see outside the body or pinch with your fingers.

This is possible because the fat is stored in capsules or rather delicate pouches. Once they are broken, adipose tissue (that is, adipose tissue) can be worked with fewer problems.

The layer that connects fat, muscles and skin will also be peeled off by massage. It helps all the good oxygen to cross. This is related to the lymphatic system, which carries toxins out of the body. The oxygen released by massage therapy is another reason that it can work. Oxygen is an essential ingredient in burning fat; the more oxygen you have in your body, the easier it will be to lose those rebellious pounds.

If you're still wondering if you can get rid of abdominal fat by massaging, think about how the massage feels on your body. . This warms the muscles – this is the main reason why athletes receive massages before major sporting events. This type of heat melts the fat itself, or at least softens it so that it can be eradicated by exercise. The massage itself will not get rid of the fat; you will always have to do some work. However, your job becomes much easier when the fat is already ready to be worked.

Not only can massage therapy break the fat itself, but it can prevent the formation of fat if it is used in conjunction with a program of exercises. diet. It accomplishes this by reducing the levels of cortisol released by the body; this hormone is directly related to weight gain, which causes the body to turn unused calories into energy. Obviously, the less you have of this hormone, the less fat your body will produce.

For many people, it is very encouraging to know that yes, you can really break the abdominal fat through massage. If this sounds like an action plan that you would like to follow, there are many skilled professionals who can help you.


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