Can You Cure Acne?


Acne, this dreaded skin disease, affects nearly 85% of the population in the United States alone. This, the most common of the skin disorders, knows no bounds, and to choose the victims on the whole spectrum of the age. Adolescents and adults may be infected at random, although heredity may also play a role. There are many explanations, as to the causes of acne. Many case studies can be found in many respectable medical publications. There are also a host of myths and misconceptions that complete the tours. However, one thing that all these publications have in common is the general type of treatment.

These include topical creams, such as Benzaclin, Klaron and Azelex, as well as Tretinoin and Adapalene, to name a few. These creams are useful for cleaning clogged pores. Some of these substances may have adverse side effects and should therefore only be used on the recommendation and advice of a qualified dermatologist. Topical creams can be effective for less severe to mild acne cases.

For more severe cases, treatment may include the use of oral antibiotics, such as tetracycline, doxycycline or even amoxicillin. As with the previous treatment, be aware of each of these medications & # 39; Side effects. Some have very unpleasant side effects.
Isotretinoin is another acne medication, which is often prescribed in severe cases of acne. However, as effective as this drug may be, it can lead to serious birth defects in pregnant women. Please do thorough research on side effects, the use of this medicine can cause.

Laser therapy, both to treat the disease and improve the appearance of skin healed by acne, as well as the use of photodynamic therapy, are some of the weapons. Unfortunately, no complete data exists, in the long term, on the effectiveness of these therapies. We must wait and see.

All these treatments have another point in common. Properly, to have maximum effect, it is recommended to use it together with other forms of treatment. In addition, it will not cure your acne, just control it. You will have to stay in the program indefinitely. Well, we have heard and read over and over again, there is no cure for acne, just treatments. But are these affirmations true?

Some people claim the opposite.


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