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In this rapidly developing world, it seems that every person has a car, but few people know how to maintain their car. Your responsibility is not over with the purchase of your dream car, but good maintenance is also needed to keep it fit for years to come. Poor car maintenance may be due to lack of knowledge or ignorance; both can hurt your car.

Do not take good care of your car, that's penny and deceit. To avoid this situation, take care of your car so that it takes care of you in the long run. Even if you keep your car for a short time, you will only get the best price if you take care of the car. Before starting your maintenance program, you must know the maintenance requirements of your car. Refer to your car manual for this. Keep in mind that it is only you who can understand the cry of help of your car! It is your job to keep it in good shape.

Sometimes you find your car emitting strange odors. These smells are an indication of a problem ahead. The smell of musty means that there is water clogged under your carpets that you need to dry. Otherwise, it will not take long to rust your car and your carpet will also be destroyed. The smells of smoke are the most dangerous; they mean an electrical problem. Stop your car immediately and check the hood. When your fuel tank is strangled or overflowed, strange fuel controls come together; check it immediately. A kind of sweat odor takes over when the polish is burned. A burning smell takes hold of your nostrils when your tires are having problems and you are driving with your brakes. Strange odors act as early warning signals for these unwanted repair bills.

Sounds are also a form of the tongue of your sick car. As you turn the front wheels and hear a strange clatter, check the shaft before. He can fall. Your engine overheats if you experience some change in the tone of the engine. Stop the car immediately and let it cool down, and show it to your mechanic as soon as possible. Backfires while driving normally are the worst of all and require immediate control. If you feel that your engine is bumping, it's time to check the engine oil.

The engine is the most important and hardest component of your car. As you drive it, its moving parts operate at high speed and high temperature. Change the engine oil frequently and have the engine checked regularly.

The tires are easy to use. Hold them and check periodically that gravel and stone are lodged in the tire threads (hopefully not nails!).

Sometimes you will notice that your brakes do not respond. Check and refill the brake fuel tank.

Regularly clean the battery terminals and feed them with grease. Prevent corrosion. Make sure the plates are in place at all times.

Interiors must be clean at all times. This prevents dust and dirt from ruining your car. Clean it not with cleaners at home but with cleaners made for this purpose.

The exteriors need the same attention. Clean them regularly with water and soap. This is beneficial for those who are eagerly awaiting the resale of their car.


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