Car Problems A-C – Automatic Air Conditioning Troubleshooting


Car A / C problems are one of the most misdiagnosed problems when it comes to auto repairs. The number one problem that automotive technicians have to troubleshoot and find, is "why the alternating current does not blow cold. When the air conditioner of the car has this problem, it can be caused by one of many things. The most common cause of hot air blowing from the air conditioning is a refrigerant leak . It does not matter if the AC system uses R12, R134A or any other refrigerant; the theory of operation is the same. They all need a full charge of refrigerant to work properly. The refrigerant can leak from one of the system components. The AC components of a car are located in different areas of the vehicle – not all together in an easily replaceable unit, such as a home AC window unit. "It is essential that the failing party be located and replaced to ensure a lasting repair

Look for obvious signs of escape

The first thing anyone can do, mechanic or not, is to look for a Clear sign of refrigerant leakage.Most systems will have a UV dye in the system that is green neon green.It can be seen more easily with black light, but it can still be visible to the naked eye too. There is no dye in the system, the leakage can release clear oil.Inspect all components from the service ports.View the service connections for leaks and all the Follow the lines in each direction paying particular attention to the metal ferrules that connect the rubber hoses to the metal lines.Check for any lines that might have been in contact with other com poses under the hood and which may have vibrated and made a hole. The condenser is located in front of the radiator, check every square inch for signs of impact damage that may have caused a leak. Even without rock or anything that strikes the condenser, there may still be a leak – look for traces of oil residue, especially at the four corners.

Detect a hard-to-find leak – Troubleshooting

After a quick visual inspection leaks components that are under the hood, it may be necessary to look a little further with the help of a detector refrigerant leakage to solve the problem. If the system contains little oil, there may not be much residue to see as a result of a leak. With a freon leak detector, the leak can be detected even if it is very slow. Review all the components as mentioned before, but this time with the electronic leak detector. The evaporator is the component in the cockpit, which is NOT visible like the other components under the hood. Leaks from the evaporator can sometimes be detected through the vents. A common place to detect an evaporator leak comes from the evaporator drain. The refrigerant is heavier than air, so it will naturally come out of the water from the evaporator. Be careful NOT to allow water to enter the end of the leak detector as this could damage it.


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