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Are you looking for the best method to repair your car's scratches? Most people take the help of body painting workshops to take care of these scratches. But instead of going to body painting workshops, you can eliminate those scratches with the best DIY tips. In fact, this type of repair is not so difficult and you can easily do it yourself. But this is only possible if you know enough information and instructions about these types of repairs. Read on to discover the proven repair tips and save your hard earned money in the process.

If your car has minor scratches and minor imperfections, they can be easily removed. The only thing you need is good guidance and appropriate tools to accomplish your task. In this way, you can remove scratches without spending hundreds of dollars for professional auto repair services.

The common misconception among car owners is that the touch-up paint provided by many dealers can easily repair your scratches. In fact, this is not the best solution and the scratches of the car can still be seen at a distance. Many dealers try to sell you a touch-up paint when you approach them to repair the scratches. But the real problem with these paints is their inability to blend in with the actual color of the car. These paintings only produce another horror.

So, my advice is keep away from them when repairing your car scratches. Remember, these paints can only repair minor nicks and scratches. Therefore, use them only when you have minor car imperfections.

Here are some helpful DIY instructions for repairing your car scratches at home:

1) For medium scratches and cuts, you must use sandpaper 240 to sand these scratches. Then use 320 grit sandpaper to get a smooth surface around the scratch area. If you have severe scratches, use only 800-grit dry and wet sandpaper to make the surface smoother.

2) When you get a large smooth area, you need to clean this area of ​​outdoor debris, sand, and dust. Implement the primer at the scratch area. At the end, you must use at least 3 layers of color on the primed area. This really helps to minimize the scratches. But do not forget to keep a space of at least 15-20 minutes between each color layer. Temperature also plays a crucial role when applying color layers. So apply them only when the temperature is just below 55 degrees to avoid poor results.

3) If your car has major scratches then the only way to repair them is to repaint your entire car. You can take the help of professional services in this task.


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