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Two hundred years ago, there were few architects to direct the carpenters into building a suitable home. It was very good. The houses in general were simple and the carpenters architects paid a lot of attention to details and proportions. There were books written by architects, which provided guidelines and formulas for the creation of houses, but these were a starting point and did not expect all the conditions that the carpenter would encounter.

These early builders were well trained and are proud not only of the execution of their craft, but also of the design of the buildings that they created.

Few houses of this period have not been added over the centuries. The first almost universal additions have been well constructed and are in keeping with the design and craftsmanship of the original home. On the other hand, 21st century additions are often of poor quality, workmanship and design. When asked to renew a time at home, we find that most of the time, these late additions have deteriorated and need to be removed.

I am always impressed by the ingenuity and craftsmanship of these nineteenth-century builders and the beauty and proportion of their work. There was a tradition of building houses that only a few carpenters and contractors maintain today. For a wooden and stone building lasting 200 years, the details had to be right. Even without perfect maintenance, these beautiful homes survive and remind us that the places we live in can have elegance and grace is made to last.

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