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If you come from the generation that inevitably had a Walkman tape attached to their belt, then you know too well that audio tapes have enjoyed more than 30 years as a means of storing music. They also had practical applications for many businesses and were also used for computer storage. They were small, cost effective and easy to use when it came to recording audio of any kind, from music to lectures and dictation – even important events.

The disadvantage of the cassettes is that they are fragile. Not only were the plastic cases easily damaged due to physical factors (falling, crushing, cracks), but the plastic band and shell were sensitive to environmental factors such as heat and moisture that could cause damage serious.

Like many things, time is the pet peeve of the magnetic stripe. While an old hull is an easy solution, the old tape presents a major problem when it comes to the audio that is stored there. However, not all broken cassettes should be discarded. There is a variety of damages that can be easily repaired by a professional service.

Broken Shells – The broken shell is a common problem of damage when it comes to cassettes. In many cases, it seems that the tape is completely destroyed – especially if the reel is broken and the tape is a little unrolled. Fortunately, a professional service can easily pull up the band for you using their equipment. You can even transfer the audio in a new format to avoid future incidents if you wish

Unereled Tape – The nightmare of the time was that your tape recorder "eats" your gang. The cassette would be removed from the cassette and when you tried to remove the cassette from the player, it would inevitably unload from your tape recorder into a hopeless pile. Some of us have the patience to try to slowly go up the band.

Ribbon Wound and Curved – How do you treat the pleated, wavy and folded ribbon on the accordion? Even if they are wrinkled or broken, tape repair professionals can often solve these types of problems with the help of certain equipment and software. Of course, the software is something that would be used only after the audio has been transferred to a digital format. However, when nothing else can be done to repair the tape, the audio restoration software can often give you an enhanced digital file or a CD of your recording.

Keep your tapes as new

a variety of repair services and methods to restore old damaged cassettes. Some are as simple as swapping damaged cartridges and winding the ribbon while others require cooling, a replacement of internal parts and even chemicals or special processes to clean the ribbon or even the cook in a special oven.

Regardless of the problem, it is strongly recommended that you do not try to repair the cassettes by yourself, especially if you have a recording of great importance. Let a professional handle the cassette repair and transfer the audio to a digital format. In this way, you not only recover your original recording (in most cases), but you also have a digital recording to make sure you do not need the main copy for normal playback.


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