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Although it is known that compact discs or CDs are a very effective, durable and cheap way of transporting data and information, it is also a fact that they are scratch very easily. In addition, even with proper care and handling, they can easily be scratched and scuffed. The damage can make you lose a lot of your precious data that could be your favorite music, an important task (some people still burn CDs for homework), really cherished moments of your life or pictures of loved ones. Although there are many resources on the market such as CD repair kits or CD repair machines that can help recover your data, but the ultimate solution lies in your home. You may be able to repair things yourself, with everyday household items that you have.

We are now going through different ways to repair a damaged drive without even spending a single penny. If there is a stubborn stain or dirt on the disc, try rubbing it gently with your fingers while using detergent or liquid soap with water. Whenever you rub or wipe a compact disc, be sure to start from the center, then move slowly along the edge, so that the CD no longer suffers scratches. It is possible that it will disappear by simply washing with warm water, so that you can try it before switching to detergent. Once this has been done, let the CD dry or simply air dry, however, do not put it in the sun, and do not use cloth either!

Once all this has been done, try to read it in a CD or CD-ROM drive from the computer, and if the disc works, immediately burn another copy to avoid any data loss. Have you considered polishing the CD with toothpaste? You might be surprised but it really works! Especially using baking soda or polishing with a fine-grained polishing compound that is used for cars and other hard polis proves very useful at times. After going around, wash it with lukewarm water and let it dry. Wax is another very useful thing that usually works, apply vehicle wax, vaseline or some kind of polish used for the shoes on the surface of the CD and do not forget to use the same procedure for to apply it, ie. the surface of the CD. This should do the trick! In addition, even if it does not work, try your nearest music store and ask them if they can repair your CD because a specialist is a specialist and he will use all his expertise to recover all your important data that you are trying to recover.


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