Celebrity Beauty Tips: How Do They Look Shiny?


Here are some "best kept" celebrity secrets that everyone can apply.

Beauty Tip # 1: Eat Well

As you know, what you eat is really important if you want to look like a celebrity. Try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Try to eat them at least three times a day with your main meal or separately. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of proteins and vitamins that will "secure" your skin and make it shine.

Eat fish. Fish meat is an excellent source of protein that will protect and strengthen your eyes. Try the sardines. It's a secret tip that most people never hear. Sardines contain certain fats and oils that are extremely useful for your circulation and your skin.

Celebrities drink a lot of water. I'm sure you already know it, and you probably drink a lot of water yourself. And why is it important? This is important because it helps your skin to hydrate properly. So, drink a lot of water, at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.

Beauty Tip # 2: Do not smoke

I'm sure you already know that smoking can cause lung cancer and that it's also bad for the heart, but did you know that the smoking to have a good sleep? Nicotine is a substance equal to caffeine, and can seriously affect your sleep and rest habits. Cigarette smoke can also seriously damage the cells of your skin. So the solution is simple. No smoking!

Beauty Tip # 3: Protect Your Skin

When under the sun, always use protection. Wear a nice hat and use sunscreen to protect yourself from harmful rays. In winter, apply an appropriate cream on your lips. You get the picture. Try to protect your skin because it is precious. Celebrities treat their skin as gold because they know it is precious.

Here is a secret celebrity trick to firm your skin: apply tomato juice to your clean face for 5-10 minutes. Then wash your face with fresh water. It will tighten and protect your loose skin temporarily.

Beauty Tip # 4: Sleep Well

If you have a tired body and mind, it will definitely affect your skin and your appearance. Even if you use the best skin care products, there is no way to replace the benefits of a good sleep. You must rest enough if you want your skin and eyes to shine and be healthy. Most people need 5 to 8 hours of sleep to feel good. Ideally, try to have at least 8 hours of sleep. To get the best, try to rest in a quiet, dark and cool room.

Beauty Tip # 5: Stay in Shape

Try to walk as often as you can. Try to exercise. This is an easy way to help your skin shine. Do some fitness exercises when you wake up after drinking a fresh orange juice. Then you can have breakfast or drink a coffee. Always eat a breakfast.

Remember this wise advice: "In the morning, eat like a king, in the evening, eat like a peasant."

These so-called well-kept beauty secrets are not so secret that that is not it?

You see, it's not that hard to look beautiful and bright like a celebrity. All it takes is feeling good about yourself, following simple formulas and being optimistic. You have a bright star above your head.


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