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Mobile phones have become a necessity for many people around the world. In such a scenario, life seems to stop if your cell phone goes down and you need a repair.

Until recently, only manufacturers were behind the repair work of the cell phone. There are now opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own lucrative business either as a mobile phone repair shop employee or by having their own stand-alone cell phone repair operation.

Some basic steps can be followed if your mobile phone is not working properly. First, determine if the problem is coming from the phone or the battery by replacing the battery. If you can not hear the callers, make sure the volume is high, the router is turned on, or the battery is charged. If these strategies do not work, bring your cell phone to a cell phone repair center.

Nowadays, customers can bring a defective phone to one of the cell phone repair centers. A work order will be issued and a down payment on the cell phone repair service will need to be made. An agreement is then signed to receive a courtesy phone. All cell phones are backed by a manufacturer 's one – year warranty. Cell phone repair centers repair or replace warranty phones as long as the user has not caused any physical damage to the phone. If the warranty has expired, the cell phone repair center may charge for repairs. Once the cell phone repair work is complete and the phone is returned by the concerned cell phone repair center, the customer returns the landline, makes the final payment and receives the repaired unit. Sometimes it's better to buy a new phone because the cell phone repair costs can be as high as the cost of a new phone.

A cell phone repair technician has several sophisticated tools and techniques for repair, such as:

Cleaners – They are used in the repair of cell phones as they are dissolving cleaning agents. oxide. These devices are used to clean the phone's pins and facilitate the repair of the cell phone.

Lamps – These are used when repairing a cell phone to protect your eyes when you work. The table lamps are equipped with a 4200Hz high-frequency lamp without frequent sparks to avoid harmful effects on the eyes because intense work under defective light at normal 50Hz / 60Hz can result in short vision and many eye diseases . This is a very useful tool for people doing cell phone repair business.

Phone Open Tools – A cell phone repair job requires the opening of a cell phone. Several tools such as magnetic alloy steel screwdrivers can be used for this part of the job.

Programs – Cell phone repair requires unlocking the cell phone. All mobile phones can not be unlocked with a single cable. Programming tools can be the only way to fix "death phones", those that have stopped working. A 24xxx chip reader can read and write an EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read only memory) on a phone without any problem. Power supply provided by the USB connection to the computer port, the serial port is used to read / write data during a cell phone repair task. Programming tools are used in almost every cell phone repair center.

Ultrasonic Cleaner – This is a device that transfers ultrasonic sound waves to a cleaning liquid or solvent that removes encrusted dirt on submerged objects. The ultrasonic cleaner is used when repairing the cell phone to erase the PCBs from cell phones.

If your phone becomes defective, do not panic. Just follow the basic steps that have been outlined above. If that does not work, you can always bring your phone to a cell phone repair center where a cell phone repair technician can solve your problem.


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