Chalet-style house plans for a simple, eco-friendly life


Today, understanding renewable energies and awareness of ecology are of paramount importance for the future of our planet's survival. Many people are beginning to realize that the way they design and live at home, and the products they use, require serious reassessment to prevent the negative effects of climate change. This includes re-evaluating the home as a place of life and growth, rather than a showcase of its income and social status to impress others. The growing awareness of the environment, combined with the economic uncertainty we face today, has made the agenda simple and ostentatious

. The Bauhaus saying "Less is more" has become an article of faith among a growing number. homebuyers and builders. Cabin style house plans and other simple and environmentally friendly designs are becoming more popular as people are looking for ways to work with nature rather than against it. Simple life also involves following one's heart rather than trying to impress others. The house of a person is a projection of oneself: people who do not know who they are need luxury to make a good impression; In the first place, the simple life implies a smaller dwelling (perhaps less than two thousand square feet), which makes a small imprint on the earth without sacrificing life. the space needed for comfort. Small houses are easier and cheaper to heat and maintain. A human-sized lobby provides a home rather than an intimidating front. A warm and intimate interior – especially around a fireplace – makes its residents comfortable and relaxed. The exterior should make optimal use of local indigenous materials. The plans of log homes are an extreme use – but quite ornamental and functional – of this idea.

It is obvious that stone or shingles and cedar roofs are clearly preferable to ecological living. Simple life also means letting your imagination work (regardless of what impresses others). Thus, well-designed (and sometimes eccentric) architectural details are favored on clean, sterile lines. Small screened windows help to give a human scale to the home from the outside, while giving a sense of protection and security to those inside. The simple life also involves steering the house towards the sun and the construction site;

Outdoor spaces such as decks, patios and porches allow the house to interact with its natural environment, so that in good weather, leaks can easily occur on the outside and inside. simple home design include high-pitched roofs, low ceilings and cozy nooks, bare wood floors, and built-in furniture features of California bungalow house plans. This "Small is Big" philosophy is not just a matter of being quaint. Reducing the volume makes a building and energy resource efficient, which saves money and helps save the earth. The money saved can be spent on better materials and creating intimate and artistic details, both inside and outside.


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