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As we all know, Australia is the smallest continent and the only country that is also a continent. Although considered the driest country, it still has a much better economy than other progressive countries. Australia is perhaps the most urbanized country in the world, but that does not prevent it from preserving its natural wonders. Australia has kept its beauty well in view of the fact that Australians are completely practicing a western lifestyle.

Increasing numbers of tourists are creating spectacular new hotels in Australia. These hotels will certainly satisfy your need for modern facilities and equipment. Pool, spas, games and other recreational facilities are not a problem. However, if you are on a budget, panicking is not necessary since cheap hotels for you are also an option.

A large group of hotels, whether it's luxury stars or economic hotels, have sprung up all over the cities to meet the needs of visitors to the continent. Most are populated with tourist attractions as to the ease of tourists. Looking for a hotel to stay can be a problem sometimes especially when it is high season or the place you are visiting is a tourist place so it would be smart to book online. Here are some places and events with the most visitors, just to guide you:

Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House – Considered as Sydney's most iconic landmark. The Opera has received the highest distinction in architecture for its astonishing construction and hosts many events.

The Sydney Tower is considered the third largest monument in the city. The third highest observation tower in the southern hemisphere. From there, you can admire magnificent views of all of Sydney's hotels, gardens and beaches.

Circular Quay – Located in Sydney. An ideal place to visit the stars, as well as a transportation hub. It is also a central point, located between the two famous infrastructures, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Sydney hotels, parks, shopping centers, bars and restaurants are right next to the tranquil setting of Sydney Cove.

Sydney Aquarium – If aquatic life interests you, then this place is perfect for you. Located just east of Darling Harbor, the Sydney Aquarium brings together more than 650 species of aquatic life.

Wildlife World – home to more than 2,600 animals, this place is an alternative to the Taronga Zoo. You can witness Australia's wild life near Sydney hotels without taking a trip into the boring bush.

Bondi Beach is one of the most famous among the many beautiful beaches of Australia. Coke and Manly are other options.

Royal Botanic Gardens – Free access and organization of events and festivals all year round. You can check with the concierge of your Sydney hotel for upcoming events.

Nightlife- Sydney offers nightlife for all types of guests. From trendy Sydney hotels and bars to the zany party in the narrow streets of the clubs. One of the most famous for its nightlife is King Cross. In recent years, it has been refurbished and is a haven for many bars, restaurants and bars for all tastes. Another place you can visit is Darlinghurst, which offers more of the same.


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