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WITH LUXURY APARTMENTS, multiple offices, the five-star China World Hotel and an extremely convenient and elegant shopping center, the China World Trade Center caters to all needs. The newly built residential opposition of SoHo, the office area, Wahda Plaza, the RizCarlton Hotle East of China World is another example of the growing relevance of this CBD downtown area.

At the heart of the China World Trade Center is the huge shopping center. International brands such as Fendi and Kenzo are very present, although there is also room for less exclusive local brands. There is a small shop where prices are a bit lower, a CRC supermarket branch, a food court and even a good sized ice rink. The mall's restaurants include the Lotus Thai, a good restaurant that suffers a bit of its mall atmosphere and a branch of the elegant South Sichuan restaurant. Cantonese fast food at its best is available at the still busy branch of GL Café.

At the top of the mall is the China World Hotel. Do not miss the opportunity to dine in Aria, simply one of Beijing's most elegant restaurants. The food is impeccable and the lunches are very good for the price. Couples looking for a romantic evening should ask for the balcony table, an intimate corner for two that overlooks the hotel lobby and offers complete privacy to other users.

Coming out of the west side mall, you'll see a Hong Kong branch and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited. Next door, there is a small caterer who sells fresh bread and tempting pastries. Their ready-made sandwiches are a good option for lunch on the go. At the corner of the street, there is a Haagen-Daz glacier, a KFC and the Taj Pavilion, a very good Indian restaurant.

Keep walking north from Trader's and you'll find the e-Tower, which houses the California Café's Concept Café, the De-Con café serving Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnamese and Thai food. ; and Mian Ai Mian, a popular Japanese noodle restaurant. The electronic tower is also home to a branch of the bridge school, a popular choice for those who need Chinese survival classes.

I'm moving from China World, which I just blocked north of Kerry Center. The center of Kerry has its own mall, though smaller and a little less exclusive than China World. The Vista Clinic is an international standard clinic located inside the mall. The Kerry Center Hotel, accessible from the street or via the shopping center, offers a few dining options, including the Horizon Chinese Restaurant, which offers very good lunchtime dim sum and the new visually stunning Centro Bar.

From Kerry Center, it's worth taking a shirt tour to discover one of the best local restaurants in Beijing. Walk about 50 meters east of downtown Kerry, cross across the road and in one of the alleles that run south, you will see the sign for the restaurant Xiao Wang Home. Their food is billed as Beijing style but the menu is wide and accommodating. Take a look at their writing team composed exclusively of men, even if it is the only one of its kind in Beijing!

On the other side of the Kerry Center's third ring road is a gray monolithic tower that marks the entrance, ironically, from the Tsinghua University Center for Arts and Design. The new CCTV building is under construction just north.

Jianwai Soho can be easily retargeted. A forest of dazzling white towers has been built, with even more to come around a windy place. There are plenty of restaurants and cafes, furniture stores, as well as a branch of the American fitness club Bally & # 39; s and a grocery store waiting for groceries, Jenny Lou & # 39; s.

Towards the east, there are China Merchants. Center Facing Jianguomenwai are the headquarters of Motorolla and Hewlett Packard. While behind them lies the apartment complex Swish Ascott. The Seine at Ascott is a good French restaurant.

This is a good choice for visiting the Days Hotel & Suites Beijing and the Panjiayuan Market during the weekend, south of the China World Hotel, a 10-minute drive. You will find another puppet of the Chinese shadow as big as it is in China, or in the world, except that of the lobby. Taking a little rest in their A + A Club is a very good choice after shopping at the Pnajiayuan Market. However, many local expats prefer to dine in their Reagl Palace Theater restaurant where the spectacular scenic show "Yellow Earth Cyclone …… Experience China's Cultural Soul" is presented every night during dinner time.

Making a short trip of 1 mile east is SOHO. A small community of shops and restaurants grew up in this popular office and residential area. In addition to a number of high-rated fast food restaurants in Hong Kong, there is a branch of Chaoyang Park's former favorite restaurant, Annie's Cafe and a very cool Yunnan restaurant, South Silk Road. Also located in SOHO is a branch of the famous Wenruxinju teahouse, and an elegant and atmospheric place with an interesting food menu to complement the tea list, just south of SOHO, or find the Noodle Loft, and an unusual restaurant that Shaanxi serves down-to-earth dishes, especially stuffed noodles, in a trendy atmosphere.


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