Chinese Character Tattoos – Translation and Meanings


The beauty and mystique of Chinese symbolism is what makes many people want to have a Chinese tattoo. Chinese culture is what it is today through its thousands of years of myth and legend, and as a result many Chinese proverbs have been inked on human skin.

There are many Chinese tattoo forms, one of the most popular being the Chinese dragon which, contrary to Western belief, symbolizes a good omen or luck and prosperity. Another popular Chinese tattoo is the tattoo of flowers, lemon, chrysanthemum, hydrangea and probably the most famous of all lotus flowers, which Buddhists around the world recognize as symbolizing the sacred seat of Buddha. For the Chinese, the lotus flower symbolizes purity and perfection.

The tattoo of the Chinese character is gaining popularity thanks to celebrities like footballer David Beckham, who recently unveiled a Chinese proverb tattooed on his chest: "Death and life have fixed appointments". an old grass script that is almost unreadable for most native Chinese speakers, but as with all tattoos, their goal is that it means something to you and you alone.

The writing of Chinese characters is a form of art, and with estimates of more than 50,000 characters, it becomes quite common that the translations are incorrect. Most often, people go to the tattoo parlor with their Chinese tattoo, and get branded for life with something that can translate into something completely different than what they had in mind.


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