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Garage door styles are not likely to be a hot topic of conversation, but with so many choices to make today, they might well be! If you have decided to buy a new garage door, you will suddenly notice every door you see! You could be very surprised at the variety of styles and materials to have!

Look closely at your house. Are there arches and curves, or is it square and straight? Match the garage door to the house! If your home has wood paneling or panels, a matching garage door would be an excellent choice. A carriage style door, with its graceful curves looks great on a house with curved windows. A Spanish villa style home will be fabulous with a new rustic looking garage door! A modern, contemporary style home requires a sleek look, incorporating more glass or broad horizontal panels, as opposed to boxier square panels. Garage doors come in a plethora of styles; Colonial, Tudor, Mediterranean, country, Spanish, and many others.

Panels have horizontal, vertical and even angles. The panel styles are available in Georgian, which are the raised square panels, Tudor and Winsor, which have curved, angled tops at each panel, and Stuart, which have horizontal panels, in the Craftsman or Mission style.

Before you put money, spend a little time doing due diligence before you buy! Choose carefully and you can have an attractive and functional entry to the area of ​​your car! Drive around your neighborhood to get a good idea of ​​what's best. Online search for comparison images. Keep in mind that a garage overlooking the street accounts for about a third of the visible appearance of your home, making the garage door design an important element!

Garage doors, like most things, come in a variety of price ranges, beauty and quality. The stock garage doors come with the lowest price tag. If you are looking for a functional door without reaching your budget, you will find an attractive door that will meet your needs among the standard doors. The stock doors are particularly smart when the door is not facing a street or a little used garage.

Semi-custom doors are the next level and make up the vast majority of garage door sales. Semi-custom doors allow the homeowner to choose materials, colors and windows based on styles and materials. The number and shape of panels, materials, insulation or not, and hardware can be chosen to form a garage door near the customer for less than the cost of a custom door.

Custom doors are the most expensive garage doors. These are the doors that are designed according to the owner's specifications and can be constructed to fit irregular or custom shaped garages. Typically, these doors are made of high quality hardwoods, and incorporated a lot of architectural interest.

Get online and visit garage door manufacturers – most large companies offer images that let you see what similar homes would look like with a variety of door models.


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