Christ, Why Was He Born?


Take a look at this scenario.

A woman comes home from work very late. Her car broke down on the way back and she had to have it repaired by the mechanics before finally returning home. She resides with her husband, three children and a nanny but her husband is not always there since he works with an offshore oil company. That night, he's on duty at work. She arrives at her house to find that he is on fire.

There is a crowd outside and his nanny is on the side of the building crying. She looks for her children but does not find them. It is said that they are always inside. In sheer apprehension, she crashes through a side door and starts looking for them. She can hear her baby who is barely a year old, crying and following her voice now finds him in his pram in the living room. There is smoke coming out of the rooms, she leaves him in the living room and rushes into the children's room to look for the girls, hoping to take them to the living room so that she can leave. same time all three children. But she is prevented from doing so. The ceiling grotto at the passage that separates the bedrooms from the living room.

She can not return to the parlor by this passage. She has to quickly get the girls out the back door and then go back, to the baby in another way. But while she goes outside, her arms tight around the two girls held against her chest, she hears a loud noise. She quickly drops the girls with some of the neighbors and rushes to the front of the house to find that the roof at the front has collapsed. The whole building is now engulfed in flames and her baby is still inside. She can still hear her crying and can not bear to think of what could happen to her right now.

After all attempts to restrain her, she detaches herself from neighbors and crushes herself into the building through the front door. She makes her way through the flames heading towards the living room. His clothes catch on fire, but that's the least of his worries right now. She must have the baby! She finds him in the landau where she left him. Fortunately, the fire did not reach it. Her clothes burn but she still ignores them. She must go fast. She takes the baby, lowers a curtain and rushes into the kitchen where she soaks the curtain in the water. Then she pours water on her burning clothes, wraps the wet curtain around the baby, walks to a side window through the flames that engulfed the whole building, and crushes it.

Her baby is unscathed and the girls are safe.
She is transported to the hospital in severe pain, but does not do so.
She dies on the way.

Strange, but it seems that she had a smile on her face when she died.

If the tabloids carry the story, some of the possible legends would be;
* A woman dies to save children
* Lady sacrifices her life for her children
* A woman dies so that her children can live
* The woman makes a supreme sacrifice; dies for her children

Now the question is whether she wants to die? Was suicide the reason she went into the fire? Was she happy because she was dying?

On the other hand, was she happy because she had managed to save the lives of her children and that it did not matter if it cost her her life ?

This question is very relevant.

Children need to understand that the reason their mother went into the fire was not to die but to save them from some danger.

They must see that because of her love for them, she was ready to lose her life to save them from this danger.

They must know this danger.

If they can not appreciate the real reason she entered the fire; if they have to put more emphasis on her death than on the danger she is trying to save, then they would not be in the best state of mind to avoid running the danger in the future. # 39; future. In other words, the threat of danger will always be present. Even after the great sacrifice of their mother.

So, why was Christ born?

It is said that He came to die for our sins.

Is this true? Did he really come to this end? Did he come to be abused, whipped, stabbed and finally murdered to please his father so that our sins would be forgiven?

Let's say it's like that. If, as a sinner, I had offended God by killing my neighbor, would I have had to beat his Son to finally kill him in order to be forgiven for murder?

Is this thought or opinion not a blasphemy?

Who tempted the Pharisees and the scribes? Who tried Judas?

Was it God? … or Satan, the devil!

If indeed God had wanted His Son to be killed, He would have needed to tempt the man Himself, relying on the devil to do it for Him, or probably having worked hand in hand with the devil to perform it. It also means that everyone who helped make it possible would be blessed. Why should Judas, who killed Jesus, not have been a saint? Why is the name "Judas" not happily given by parents to children? After all, he allowed the man to be saved.

But God could not work with the devil; He could not have His Son to kill.

And that is why, speaking of the betrayal of Judas, Jesus says in Matthew 26:24: "What horror for this man who betrayed the Son of Man, it would have been better for this man's never been born!

And in Luke 23:28 He told the women to cry, but not for Him, rather for themselves and their children He told them to cry

We still see in Matt 27:45 and 51, that the whole land was covered with darkness for three hours as he suffered on the cross, the curtain that hung in the Temple was torn in two, from top to bottom, when He breathed His last. These signs can not mean that Jesus' death was pleasing to His Father.

In Matthew 21: 33-39, the Son of God gave a clear picture of the evil that was coming. 37 "At last he sent them his son. & # 39; Surely they will respect my son. "He said." And 38 "This is the owner's son, we will have his property!"

Indeed, God sent His Son to save humanity

He has did that because He saw the way we followed and where He led, He saw how far we went, there was so much harm and it was spreading rapidly. themselves lost.The works of the prophets were no longer understood.There could be a single exit … Hell.

So, as an act of urgency and His Grace, He sent His Son to save us from Satan, from self-destruction and death The coming of Jesus was prophesied but the prophecy was misunderstood The Jews had been waiting for a king to deliver them from the hands of the Romans. A terrestrial king! But when he opposed no resistance to his arrest and crucifixion, when he allowed himself to be insulted, uetter and finally murder, without any help from God, he had to either be a fake or a Messiah sent to die for humanity. He was neither!

The mission of the Son of God was not physical or earthly. It was a spiritual! Yes, he was a Messiah, but not a messenger to establish an earthly kingdom, although he was a Messiah sent to die. He was there to show the way to a Spiritual Kingdom. A kingdom where he reigns as king; where all activity is in harmony with the will of God his Father!

In John 18:37, Christ said, "I was born and I came into this world for this one purpose only, to speak of the Truth, whoever listens to me, listen."

Let's not be fooled! Christ came to show us his Father. He came to tell us about his kingdom. to warn against sin and, in so doing, to save us from eternal damnation. He has come to show us the way we must follow; the kind of lives we have to live. He came to ask us to live a new life, to be born again.

He also came to tell us that "if man is born again, he can not enter into the kingdom of God."


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