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It's the mouth of December and everyone knows what season it's all about, is not it? No, it's not the winter season I'm talking about but the Christmas season, the season of happiness, joy, joy and lots of laughs. Christmas brings with it a complete change in everything around us, even though we always remain the same people but the entire environment changes during the Christmas season. It's as if suddenly everyone has become happy, and everyone has a smile on their face.

Walk on the road and everyone you see will greet or greet you. He could even be the same person with what you had an argument last month, or maybe your neighbor this last name can not remember, but they greet you all or at least give a smile when you walk past them . It seems that the same dull quarter suddenly burst with happiness and fun suddenly, it is the impact of the Christmas season.

Christmas celebrated on December 25, commemorating the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. Although it is a Christian holiday, many non-Catholics celebrate Christmas, and some popular customs have themes and early or secular origins. Popular modern holiday customs include gifts, music, a greeting card exchange, church celebrations, a special meal, and the display of various decorations; including Christmas trees, lights and garlands, mistletoe, nativity scenes and holly. In addition, Santa Claus (known as Santa Claus in some areas) is a popular mythological figure in many countries, associated with the provision of gifts for children.

Christmas Day is celebrated as a major festival and holiday in most countries of the world, even in many places that are not major Christians. In some non-Christian countries, periods of the former colonial regime introduced the celebration, in others, of Christian minorities or foreign cultural influences led the people to observe the feast. Around the world, Christmas celebrations can vary greatly in form, reflecting different cultural and national traditions. Countries like Japan and Korea, where Christmas is popular despite the small number of Christians, have adopted many secular aspects of Christmas such as gifts, decorations and Christmas trees.

Apart from all the happiness and joy that is in the air during the Christmas season, there is also a lot of music in the air. These may not be the usual rock and pop numbers, but Christmas Songs or better known as Christmas Carols. Christmas is famous for these songs as in the Christmas season almost every house you visit will have these Christmas carols; this sweet Christmas melody sound adds already pleasant environment all around.

Some of the famous Christmas carols are "Away in a Manger", "Coventry Carol", "Go Tell It on the Mountain", "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing!", "Joy to the World" and there is much more . These songs are sung once the Christmas season begins. They are not only sung inside churches, but also in small meetings at home during this season. And then there is the parade of carol in which a group of people who understand church people, circulate from house to house to spread the joy and happiness of Christmas


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