Christmas cakes


A traditional Christmas cake can be light or dark. It can be done as a sponge cake with a light frosting, or it can be wet and rich, loaded with a creamy colored glaze.It can be square, round, oblong or multi-level, and it can even be under the shape of cupcakes.

Different countries favor different Christmas cakes. For example, in Scotland, Scots cherish the Whiskey Dundee holiday cake. It is made with raisins and cherries. It is considered a fruit cake, but it is not particularly rich or moist, and should not contain nuts.

The Japanese love to make a traditional Christmas cake that looks and spongy. It is frosted with whipped cream and decorated with strawberries and chocolates and other festive dishes. The Japanese serve a Christmas cake on Christmas Eve.

A popular Christmas cake in the states is the minced meat cake. Vegetarians like this delectable because it can be made with veggie mincemeet mixed with flour, eggs, etc. It can also be steamed to produce a Christmas pudding. Americans are also boasting new holiday cakes that have the shape of a Christmas tree, a snowman or Santa Claus. These cakes are usually made from a white, yellow or chocolate dough and adored with colorful glazes and candies.

The British are proud of their rich yellow fork filled with nuts or fruit and crowned with lots of alcohol such as brandy or rum mixed with sugar and water. These cakes stay fresh for months and are very popular items. In fact, if they are handled properly, these cakes can last up to a year!


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