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Christmas cards are a big deal. Nearly 2 billion holiday cards will be bought, processed and processed for Christmas alone. From family, friends, and neighbors to business associates, clients, and customers, virtually everyone is caught in the holiday card frenzy every time they celebrate the season or not.

But, like any type of correspondence, there are some etiquette rules that apply when sending out these winter wishes. Here are some tips from the experts:

For friends and family:

Even if you use pre-printed greeting cards for personal or professional use, it is important to always sign your name. – below the printed version and write a small handwritten note inside to make the recipient feel like if you really thought about them this holiday season. When signing for the whole family, always start with the father's name, followed by mothers and then children, or simply write "John, Mary and Family".

When sending a card to a couple or family with two different family names, always send it to both people: John Smith and Mary Jones, or the whole family as in Mary Jones, John Smith, and Family. And, always include the name of the child in each family card.

For Business Associates:

Always send cards to associates at the office unless you have met their spouse and met them socially at some point during the course of business. # 39; year. Then the cards can be sent to both and sent home.

When you send a card to a married woman who uses her maiden name at work, always send the card to Mr. and Mrs. (using her marriage name), if she uses her husband's name personally. If, however, she only uses her maiden name, it is acceptable to address the card to both using the full names of both recipients.

Business cards should always be written in a more formal and secular style. Never sign the name of your spouse without the recipient having met them at a social gathering. And never, under any circumstances send your personal newsletter to associates.

Finally, even if you send hundreds of greeting cards to various business partners, never use mail in bulk. Always send them first class.

Particular Circumstances:

Whenever you send a party greeting, you mean well. Unfortunately, sometimes your good intentions can be misunderstood. To avoid label slips, remember these important tips:

-When sending a card to someone of a different ethnicity or religious background , choose a map that is more secular and free of religious connotations. For those who do not celebrate at all, opt for a winter scene card with basic greetings, happy holidays or a message of peace.

-In the event that your recipients are mourning the loss of a loved one this year, be sure to find a card that specifically deals with vacations. They will appreciate your extra attention and assure them that their loved one has not been forgotten this holiday season. Likewise, when you send a card to a recent widow, always refer to her as "Mrs. So-and-so so that she feels less alone."


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