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One of the greatest things about Christmas in the church is putting on a Christmas coin for the congregation. The game is usually set up by children in the Sunday School class. The problem of churches, especially with a stable congregation that does not change much, is that with these games, year after year, they can become rather outdated if you play the same game all the time. To help solve this problem, you will find in this article several ideas for Christmas pieces that your church can make that could keep things interesting, at least for a moment.

An easy game to put if you have a dozen kids is a reenactment of the birth of Jesus. The best way to do this is to have a narrator tell the story of the birth and during this time, have the children go through the motions. In this way, they do not have to learn from lines. All they need to be shown, is where they have to walk and where are their spots. The game can be broken to some parts with Christmas hymns. For example, during the part where the three kings bring their gifts to Jesus, the congregation can sing "We Three Kings". There are about five or six hymns that will fit well during this game. The entire production should take about 30 minutes and is very easy to remove.

Another idea, if you do not have a big Sunday school, is to have some adults put on a play. A very good one is to teach children the true meaning of Christmas. Such a scenario could include a family rushing here and there, doing their Christmas shopping. Meanwhile, the ghosts of Mary and Joseph appear and notice how Christmas has become commercialized. They are saddened by this fact and think back to a better time, a time when the true meaning of Christmas was not lost. We then move on to a family scene going to the church and participating in a traditional Christmas service. Then they go home and have dinner where they give thanks to God and read the Bible. When we return to the present, we miraculously see all the families that have been lost in the Christmas commercialism by suddenly realizing the true meaning of the holiday.

Another idea would be to have musicians enter the church, ask a storyteller Christmas story and after each reading of a particular part, ask the musicians to play various hymns of Christmas. While they play, you can ask children to interpret certain parts of the music played.

Here are some of the many things you can do in your church when it comes time to do a Christmas service. . With a little imagination and some volunteers, which always helps, there is no reason you can not play a Christmas coin that your congregation will remember for a long time.


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