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Christmas decoration began in the 1500s. Christmas ornaments on trees started in Germany. In Latvia around 1510 a fir (which is still today a traditional Christmas tree) was decorated with ornaments of roses. Then they started using wafers, nuts and candles. Also Christmas ornaments of cookies and sweets were used and they are still used today. Mothers and children get together and cook cookies and sweets and decorate them to hang on the Christmas tree. Some families make it a tradition every Christmas. In previous years, there were also painted wooden ornaments and late with blown glass.

To this day, the most beautiful Christmas ornaments come from Germany. Many ornaments have a story behind them and are passed on from generation to generation. Christmas ornaments contain many beautiful memories for families. The ornaments contain a souvenir roadmap for all families.

Christmas holidays are celebrated around the world. It is the birth of Jesus Christ. The stories come from the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. The nativity games, which almost every house has and displays, is a replica of where Jesus was born. Once again the most beautiful sets of cribs are made in Germany. They are called cribs of the Nativity. Finland has Santa Claus. Russia has traditional Christmas ornaments handmade while Germany has Christmas markets. Christmas is the time of year when families come together and exchange gifts, cards and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and families pray together and share memories of the past. There is also the arrival of Santa Claus (Christmas) on Christmas Eve

Christmas Day is December 25th. It is preceded by Christmas Eve on December 24th, and is followed by Boxing Day on December 26th.

also a tradition to decorate on the outside of houses, hang banner on street lights and some houses also display Christmas villages.

When we think of Christmas holidays, our thoughts turn to the birth of Jesus. we also think of mistletoe, ivy. holly, snow covered hills, carolers, bells and beautiful decorated houses. Ivy, mistletoe and holly and ivy are magical winters to admire. Christmas time with all the decorations and happy memories helps to brighten the cold days of winter and bring a feeling of warmth to everyone.

Mistletoe is still very popular at Christmas. This is what is called the kisses factory. He is hung in the doors and all those who are there will be kissed. This tradition comes from Nordic myths. In some European countries, it is thought that it has healing powers and that it is used all year for this purpose.

It is believed that another popular Christmas green has magical powers. The Germans regard holly as a lucky charm against the hostel's enemies. As the Christmas season has grown over the centuries, food has become important. Lots of cookies, sweets and sweet fruits are prepared several weeks in advance, on Christmas day.

Today, centuries ago, people still decorate holly, mistletoe, ivy and namy. Kids enjoy popcorn and cranberries, making cookies, using colorful ribbons, paper stars and any other colorful material to decorate the tree at Christmas. But we never forget the beautiful ornaments that come from all over the world. Many families buy new ornaments each year that are passed on from generation to generation. Holiday decoration is still popular today as it is hundreds of years ago and will always be.


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