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If you love our family, you open Christmas presents. And whether you are an adult or a child … it means that Christmas Eve is filled with anticipation. But it is also a very special evening and worthy of celebration. Here are some gaming activities that will add a lot of fun to your party. And they will also use some of the extra energy that kids have.

Mystery of the Hidden Gift
This first game I describe is intended for an exotic child, but it could easily be adapted for adults. As far as kids are concerned, this game is a great way to make this rule "open a Christmas Eve gift" more exciting. In addition, the event lasts longer and consumes more excess energy.

Basically you hide their gifts and then leave clues so that the children can each find their own gift. Be creative and write your clues on colorful cardstock cut into holiday shapes. Use cookie cutters for the shape of a tree, snowman, bell, start or ornament. Use a variety of shapes and colors.

And I suggest you use a different set of clues for each child. In this way, they are not competitive with each other. Also, if a child is a little quicker to understand the clue, the others are not just going to follow.

Let's take Tommy for example: Hint # 1 – Yellow star that you hold out to him and that says: "It's there that you put away your socks." Tommy rushes into his bedroom drawer and opens it to find another clue. Clue # 2 – he finds a green map-shaped tree that says, "You keep your bike here. And so on.

How many clues left until they find the gift depends on the age of the child and also on their tolerance. Consider five clues and adjust them up or down from there. Where you hide the gift is also yours. But they may never suspect that he is actually under (or in) the tree!

Remember the generosity of stocking
Here is a simple vacation twist on a familiar circle game. Ask everyone to sit in a circle (or nearby). Choose someone to start.

The first person says, "In my Christmas stocking, there is a fill in the void )." For example, Mary said, "In my Christmas stocking, there is an orange." Then Joe next to her said, "In my Christmas stocking, there is an orange and a yo-yo ." Joe repeats what Mary said and adds something new at the bottom. Fred is the third person in the circle and he says, "In my Christmas stocking, there is an orange, a yo-yo and a piece of coal ."

This continues around the circle. Each person must remember everything that has been put down – in the right order – and then add something new. The first person who misses an object is out of play. It lasts until there is only one person left who can recite everything in the bottom, and in the right place. Where it was added. Or if you invited three or four people with good memories, call it a tie.

Some people play a variation of this game where items are added in alphabetical order. This could make it easier to remember the elements and still be fun. For example: Mary starts by putting an acorn. Joe says, "In my Christmas stocking, there is an acorn and a button ." Fred is the third person in the circle and he says, "In my Christmas stocking, there is an acorn, a button and some coal . Etc.

Holiday Chairs
Agreement. I speak good old-fashioned musical chairs, but I use popular Christmas carols for music. I could not think of a really smart name. But I strongly recommend you use live Christmas carols that everyone will know.

Why? Because this variation of Christmas musical chairs requires people to sing when they move around chairs. If you really want to become a bit wild, forces them to dance! The songs and dances tend to break the concentration of the players so that some do not even realize that the music has stopped.

Like any version of the game, you have set up a chair less than people who travel to sing and dance. One person is eliminated each turn when the music stops and one of your friends stays up. This continues until you still have a seated person who is the winner.

To facilitate competition on Christmas Day, gives each eliminated person a small prize at the end of each round. I know it sounds but it is the season of donations. And it will not be a pleasant surprise for your guests? You can give the winner something different or the same price that everyone has received. After all, the joy of winning should be enough of a privilege by itself.

Have fun with your family and friends on Christmas Eve with these healthy games. And do not forget to take a lot of action shots. These are perfect activities to generate wonderful memories of a very special moment. Merry Christmas!


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