Christmas Eve – humorous santa tours around the word!


Santa's magical visit to Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve, now includes all sorts of humorous and politically correct antics. Families all over the world love Santa's visits so much that there is always at least one adult more than happy to don the red suit, the white beard, the black boots and the red hat. to please the whole family. midnight.

Here are some of the more witty and humorous trials and tribulations of a 21st-century visit from Santa Claus:

1. Leaving Santa's trees politically correct. Instead of forgetting milk and cookies, families now leave lettuce leaves and water! The modern version of Santa Claus is considered unhealthy and he is now reminded at mid-night that he should be dieting!

2. Next to the salad leaves and water is a note to Santa's sheriff's office. A ticket of speeding for his sled. Politically correct families want Santa to slow down! Visiting 195 countries in the world in one night is impossible to explain to growing children! Here, a ticket for speeding is the answer for a politically correct parent!

3. In Spanish homes, often a youngster wants to surprise his favorite bull at midnight with a visit from Santa Claus! So he brings her from the courtyard into the main living room next to the fireplace on Christmas Eve. If you think that a bull goes crazy when he sees a red cape, trust me, the bull Christmas! come suddenly when he sees a big red Santa costume!

4. In Russian homes, children leave notes for Babushka – Santa is outclassed by a woman and there is never a note for Santa!

5. In Irish homes, they remove all the furniture from the main living areas, so that it seems that they have just been stolen and then the family is hiding behind the curtains. Then, when Santa arrives at mid-night, the host is always dressed like a policeman and says, "Well, well, what are we here – they always go back on the crime scene so come quietly! Then there is a lot of fun because Santa is hunted in the living room with handcuffs in the toes!

6. Here is a very noisy and particularly unknown tradition of vegetarians during Christmas visits in the hunting territories. This one is especially popular when houses are full of hunting trophies and guns. When Santa Claus arrives and the family and guests are hiding in anticipation of a glimpse of him in the middle of the night, a family member appears and greets Santa by almost blowing up his ears and those of the guests by a shotgun. "Ooh, look, a deer with a winning red nose!" and shoot his big game!

7. In the bear counties, they set up a bear trap at the bottom of the chimney and make sure that Santa Claus is trapped for a lot of laughs and laughs. They always say after, "Oh, sorry Santa, but by far you look like a big red bear".

8. In cities where lawyers are prolific, family members paint faces on their faces and clothes, and when Santa arrives at midnight, they act as if they had been trampled by the reindeer and threatened with prosecution!

9. In the counties where chocolate factories are the main families of the industry decorate their Christmas trees with Easter eggs and the father of the house dresses up as the Easter bunny and waits for Santa Claus for enter midnight, says, "This neighborhood is not big enough"

To laugh and sneer, people will do everything in their power to ensure the healing and healthy laughter of Santa each year. Around the world, creative and humorous ideas are being played to bring the family together in a fun and memorable way. What will you do this year?


Source by Bernadette Dimitrov

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