Christmas gift ideas in Hawaii


Need to buy a gift for someone who loves Hawaii or someone who goes to Hawaii? Here are some awesome Christmas gift ideas to lead you on your way.

Hawaiian Christmas Tree Ornaments – you can get Santa Claus on a dolphin in his memoirs (I have that one), or something with Santa looking like Hawaii. They make those really impressive glass balls that they paint from the inside with ocean scenes or Hawaii factory scenes. They usually come with their own box and are just beautiful. We buy one each year.

Smelly Stuff There are lotions and scents and scented bath salts in dozens of tropical scents – such as lilikoi and guava and plumeria and hibiscus. Candles with these types of tropical scents also work well.

Gift Wrapping I do not know if you would give a gift wrap as a gift, but maybe you would if it was beautiful. Red and green gift wrapping with ginger red torches on green background and green tropical crowns on red background

Kitchen Item You can get pineapple shaped bowls and bowls in hibiscus and objects Elegant Koa Wood [19659002] Aloha Shirts or Dresses Hawaiian printed clothes will always stand out and put smiles on faces.

Hawaiian Flower Baskets They are easy and wonderful to look at, and the best part is, unlike most other flowers, Hawaiian flower baskets can last for weeks. Anthuriums and other waxy flowers do not die in days. You could also consider a living orchid.

Vacation Expenses If you know anyone who goes to Hawaii, you can buy him a discount card or a voucher for the islands. You could get a gift certificate from a store or restaurant that you know on the island where they will be. You could pay for their rental car or offer them a rental car upgrade (oooh nice). You can call their hotel and see what type of equipment or upgrades are available that you could pay. You can upgrade them to first class on the plane (ooooh, even nicer!) You could even set up a small basket with sunscreen, waterproof cameras and sunhats.


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