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Success contributes greatly to happiness and health. This is because success provides a state of mental satisfaction and the physical means of happiness; this mental state and physical means also contribute to good health. Of course, it is not necessary for all successful men and women to be in good health. The race for success is often full of stress and indigestion! Yet, looking at the flip side, it becomes apparent that it is very difficult to maintain good health and happiness when one has failed in life.

Before going further, we like to know the basic principles of success:

1. Have a desire or die to succeed: For success, it is very essential that you have a desire to die or die. Decide at this moment to succeed in all circumstances. Every morning, decide that you will succeed and nothing and nobody will ruin your success.

2. Condition your mind for success: Success comes to those who think in terms of success. Use affirmations and resolutions to condition your mind to success as if you had already succeeded.

3. Having a fixed, definite and all-exclusive goal of life: Without a clear and overpowering air of life, nothing is possible. This goal should be like an obsession driving your life like crazy.

4. Plan for Success: No trip can be accomplished without a route plan. Here, the road map includes writing goals, formulating resolutions and affirmations, periodically checking progress and respecting failures.

5. Hard work: Nothing can succeed without hard work. In addition to hard work, you have to work smart too. Working smart means going one step further, always having a long way in the knowledge, innovation and application of the latest ideas, and keeping the mind open.

6. Use your time optimally: Make a list of things to do based on the importance of the task. Do not waste the most productive time on routine issues like flipping through newspapers, magazines and TV channels, checking and answering routine e-mails, gossiping, phoning, and so on.

7. Keep the best company: Keep the company from the best of the best. If you are a writer or a scientist, surround yourself with the best of them and become a member of the best group of writers or scientists. If you are a CEO use the best brains available.

8. Be happy! and Be healthy !: Happiness and health are also essential to success. Many people with great potential for success leave their quest for success halfway due to declining health. Of course, life is more important than success, but if we follow Be Healthy! Fundamentals of good health, he or she should not be a failure because of poor health. Likewise, a person with a happy attitude toward life retains good health and can work better. He or she is loved by others who also contribute to success.

9. Stick with it respectively Chess: Success comes after repeated failures. Sometimes, success continues to wait for us just one step ahead where we stumble. It is better to get up.

10. Meditate and pray: Develop the habit of meditation. Meditation fills the whole being of peace and calm. If you are religious, pray. Prayer also gives peace, calm and inner strength.

As success is the main reason why we take New Year's resolutions in the first place, and Christmas is immediately followed by New Year, it may be a good idea to give the gift of success for this Christmas to you- same and to others.

I recommend following the gifts of success for this Christmas:

Books, Audios, Videos and MP3s: Success depends a lot on motivation and inner inspiration. Success is a kind of longing, an addictive-possessive passion and a haunting dream. The fire of this desire is fueled and directed by inspiring good books, audios, videos and MP3s. Give the gift of these and the recipient will be grateful for his (successful) life.

Subliminal and Hypnotic Messages: The latest means of inspiration and motivation are the subliminal and hypnotic messages that one can have as MP3 downloads. These are the best sources of inspiration and motivation. The best thing with these is that they can be downloaded from some sites in MP3 format.

Digital reading devices: Digital reading devices or electronic readers are no longer the future of reading. They are present! A successful person takes his library of reading material with him. There are thousands of public domain books that can be downloaded for free. EBooks, etc. can also be downloaded to PC, Mobile. iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android, etc.

Magazines: A successful person stays up to date on issues of general interest and on his or her business or specialty topic. He or she reads the appropriate magazines and newspapers. The subscription to these could be given as a very appreciated gift.

Electronic Articles: A successful person uses the latest smart gadgets to stay at the top of the world and outpace the competition. He or she has, therefore, the newest and slimmest laptop, mobile and iPod. If your budget allows such gifts could also be given.

Personalized and Homemade Gifts: Successful people seem to have everything and sometimes it becomes difficult to decide what to give them, especially if their budget is tight. In such cases, it is better to give something whose value is derived from its personalization or homemade. You can give something very dear to a rich person and this may not be appreciated. But to the same person if you give something on which his name is engraved, he can become a proud possession! Jewelry: Well, every woman dies for them. They can be perfect gifts for women and girls, especially for her sweet heart. Nothing can beat a jewel. Of course, a lot of care and discernment are needed in selecting the right item.

Dress and accessories: A successful man or woman dresses up distinctively. They make a declaration of success by their dress and their accessories. There is a good choice here. From informal and casual evening wear, to handbags, wallets, belts, ties, shoes, etc., there is a great choice and we could have one for one. Nice present.

Golf Set: Successful men combine leisure and business and golf is the game of choice that allows you to do it successfully. It does not require either great physical strength or physical fitness or contact and impact other games. Best of all, it gives ample time and opportunity to socialize. Because of this, golf is becoming more and more a tool of sport and business very popular among executives. A set of golf, therefore, is one of the most chosen gifts for men and women who succeed.

Men and women who have failed: Success requires hard work and perseverance. However, some still do not succeed despite years of hard work. Some people succeed because of their birth or special circumstances – the son or daughter of a movie star is likely to land his first role as a movie hero; the son of a king is likely to become king, the son or daughter of a politician can easily inherit the seat of his constituency, etc. On the other hand, a competent person can only climb up to a certain height depending on where he or she started the journey upwards. Certainly, the life values ​​of some people may be different. Their definition of success may be different. An artist may prefer to stay poor and also risk not succeeding in the chosen field, rather than chasing after the money. Thus, men and women who fail are not necessarily descriptors. They also deserve good gifts. So do not forget them!



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