Christmas gifts and the idea of ​​being frugal


Christmas means a lot to me and has always done. I think that has a lot to do with my mom and her enthusiasm for Christmas. As a child, she and her family did not have a lot of money and, growing up, she tried to make sure that we would never go without it.

We never went without.

In my context, it's not surprising that every Christmas I try to come up with a new and inventive gift for family members that does not cost the land, and over the last eight years , I came up with a lot of ideas …

So, for your pleasure, here are some gift ideas you would like to use; Since it is not always about money when buying gifts, but using your imagination and making sure that the gift you choose fits the person and his / her needs, but you still do not want to look like a drunk.

Shapes of homemade chocolates

It's as simple as possible, last year Top Ender and I bought several cheap chocolate bars (C & # 39; was the value of Tesco!) and we melted it in a glass bowl in the microwave before pouring it into ice-shaped trays that we had previously purchased at Ikea. After we had taken them out of the trays and put them in cellophane bags (we had given them the previous Easter, but not used them), we added two lollipops to a multibag from the shop at £ 1 then tied them with gold or green ribbon.

Every friend of Top Enders who had a bag was delighted and me too, because it cost almost nothing!

Homemade Pencils

Top Ender has hundreds of pieces of pencils. From time to time, I steal them and put them in my box. Once I have a good amount of pieces, I melt them in the microwave (in a glass jar) and pour them into the ice-shaped trays. Once again, I let them pose, and once they are finished I go out, here are new multicolored pencils!

Top Enders' friends get these for Christmas this year, with custom notebooks.

Personalized Notepad

Take a simple notebook, decorate and personalize … the genius!

Cake in a cup

Put in a ziplock bag;

4 tablespoons of flour
2 tablespoons of sugar
2 tablespoons of cocoa
1 tablespoon of chocolate chips

Then put in a cup and wrap in some cellophane and on a label;

Add 1 egg, 3 tablespoons milk, 3 tablespoons butter or oil and mix well. Once mixed, put in the microwave for 3 minutes. Wait two minutes after cooking before eating!

No fleece blanket

The amount of fabric you need depends on the size you want to make. A rough guide is as follows Baby size 1 to 1 1/2 yards, child 1 3/4 yards, adult 2 yards. You can choose two different patterns or colors of fleece and have them complement each other or contrast, but both will have to be the same size you chose!

Place them on top of each other with the right sides facing out and then like to cut the edges to cut the straight line and eliminate the selvedge. I then cut a square of 4 "x4" from each corner on both layers and then cut a bangs around the outside. You must cut 4 "in every 1", you must keep them in uniform size, so I tend to use either my fingers or a piece of fleece that I've already cut like a marker.

Once done, you need to tie a bang of each piece in a knot. I like to make a double knot and tie all the others together and then return the blanket once I once went to tie the others as it makes it more uniform and secure.

And that's it!


Can you knit? Then knit a square blanket, or a scarf or whatever your skills will allow you. I did a scarf at Baby Boy last year when I could not find one that was the right size for him while following the instructions found on the web.

Homemade Costumes

A few years ago, red cotton was offered in a fabric store, so I bought a meter. It cost a few pounds and I put it in the cape and hood of Little Red Riding Hood. Top Ender was delighted with his costume and he is still in the costume box!

Hand Stitched Objects

I was not very handy with a needle and thread when I saw this castle material in John Lewis. It was an off-cut and so did not cost much! I turned it into an apron during my lunch hour, sitting at my desk the week before Christmas.

Top Ender grew up now and I turn her into clothes for her dolls, but this Christmas, she and Baby Boy are getting new aprons of materials that I've purchased at the Fabric Shop. The cost was £ 4 for both rooms!

Secret Hollow Book

This is one of dad's gifts this year, and there are hundreds of instructions out there. The best I've found is here and I think it's a great gift! You can even hide things there when you give them up and wait to see a disappointed face when all they get is an old book, not knowing it's hidden inside it's something awesome!

Box Set

Purchase of stamps, envelopes, paper, a nice pen and an address book. I also like to include simple postcards and some small notelet cards. Of course, I always add a handwritten letter from me!

Photo Album

When Big Cousin did one, we gave him a photo album with all the pictures taken since Big Cushion since he was born. We had a copy of all the pictures that Auntie had taken back and Dad thought it would be a great gift. Dad was right because Auntie loved the gift. We asked her to do it again by Granny for her as a Christmas present, but for the four children.

Framed Photo

One of the funniest gifts we have ever given was the one that was not known. At Easter, Auntie and her family came with us and Grandma to the Woburn Abbey Gardens for a walk. When Dad and I left with Top Ender and Baby Boy, we planned to take a photo that was taken that day, put it in a frame and sneak into Grannys' house. We did it, in the hour that followed the photo. It took Granny eight hours to spot the new photo ….

If you have a special photo make a copy and give it in someone's frame. It always makes me smile to see the pictures I took at someone else 's.

The Card Box

I still think it's a good gift for the elderly, but it can work for anyone. Just buy a selection of greeting cards for several occasions, many times (I did it for my Gran and I count how many birthday cards she would need for all her kids, her Grandchildren and his great-grandchildren as well as but I also added thank you cards, birthday cards and simple cards). This gift can cost as much as you want because there are shops that sell 29p greeting cards these days and a lot of them are really nice, but sometimes it takes a little effort to find the right ones for this price!


This is my signature gift. I do not think there is anyone in our extended family who has not had a hitch from me at Christmas or a birthday. I like to thematize.

Breakfast in the laundry basket. A set of bedding on a tray, with jam, croissants, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, a variety of cereals, bucks fizz and orange juice. Then, of course, there are the finishing touches of a Breakfast at Tiffanys DVD or The Breakfast Club, napkins and so on.

The Art Hamper. Brushes, paint, sketches, a blouse, some paintings and all that you find cheap! I found cheap art blankets in WHSmiths that made awesome!

The Italian meal. Sun-dried tomatoes, pasta, pesto, mozzarella cheese, Italian wine, cappuccino cans, Italian biscuits … you have the idea! Although my brother-in-law sometimes mentions the year when we gave him cheese for Christmas …

The Hamper Bath. Bubble Bath, a bath pillow, shower gel, soap, shampoo, candles, a good book and a bottle of something to drink. This can be presented in a bath sheet and given with a towel and a flannel.

The basket of adults. It was a great gift given to a friend and her husband. Novelty dishwashing, wine, massage oil, chocolate, grapes and strawberries and I think there was also a Karma Sutra book. I know that there was a CD with Barry White!

The chocolate basket. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate! Oh, and drink chocolate!

The luxury basket. Think of all the things that your person hears, but do not buy often because they are expensive. Now, buy them. I did it for my Gran and brave her cookies, drink cans, soup, chips, chocolate, sweets and magazines.

Without Budget

Children's Artwork

Top Ender and Baby Boy have many designs that we like to give as a gift. It costs nothing, and always means something to the person to get a design just for them.


Homemade coupons, for a home dinner, a cake, a massage, to do the dishes or anything that we can think of, always good here!


Homemade preserves using your home grown fruits and vegetables show off your talents and cost you nothing!


My Gran usually likes the cake, but a whole cake would become hard before she could eat it. I made him a cake every month (his choice of flavor) and cut into individual slices before packing and putting them in his freezer. Then she could have a piece of cake when she wants it!

Mix Tape (of course on CD these days!)

Creates a mix of songs that mean something to the person. Dad did some for me in the past and they always bring me special memories every time I listen to them.


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