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Everything is different in life when a wedding is in preparation. This is true not only for the bride, but also for her family, her fiancé and her friends. If you have a future bride in your life, you may want to give her a wedding-related gift for Christmas this year.

There are so many expenses that are part of a wedding and few brides can afford to have everything that they would really like to have. This is where special gifts from friends and family can come in. If you were thinking of offering a Christmas present to the bride, why not buy something you know she would like to have for her wedding?

There are innumerable little things that a future bride can use. Naturally, it is his parents and his fiancé who will seek to give him the most expensive gifts. Friends and other family members can plan on giving more than a small trinket as a big "wow" gift, but there are a lot of things that fall into both categories, so you're sure to find something perfect.

One of the most beautiful things the fiance's parents could choose to give him for Christmas would be wedding jewelry gifts. Jewelery is a great gift whatever the circumstances, and it will have special meaning if the gifts are jewels for her wedding.

There will often be some special pieces that the bride has coveted to complete her look. The groom and his parents can coordinate to make sure they do not overlap. For example, the bride's parents could buy her a fabulous crystal and pearl necklace, and the groom could get the matching earrings and bracelet. It would be especially fun if you all opened Christmas presents together so that the bride gets all of the bride's jewelry as a big surprise. One of the best ways to give jewelry at Christmas is to hang them on the tree in a hollow ornament. It's such a delightful presentation.

Christmas can also be the occasion for the bride and her mother to get accessories that do not fit in the initial budget of wedding clothes (often that of dad!). More than a few mothers of the bride have slipped things like a fabulous headdress or a gorgeous veil into the budget of Christmas gifts to avoid exceeding the wedding budget. Besides, it's better to have another sweater every day!

The bride's friends can also offer her wedding-related Christmas gifts. The best friend of the bride could get a perfect little pouch in a vintage shop. Or if you're smart, why not pick a delicate shawl that the bride can wear at the reception?

Another category to consider for gift ideas is the honeymoon. The choices are almost infinite! A very cute gift would be a tshirt that proclaims that your friend is "Mrs. Smith" that she can wear as a bride. If the honeymoon involves a long flight, you can create a small travel gift bag. Start with a small tote with a bad monogram with his new initials. Then fill it with things that speed things up, like a good book, crosswords and snacks. A good idea would be to include a small newspaper to record honeymoon memories.

Speaking of saving memories, an excellent Christmas gift from the parents of the bride or groom would be a beautiful digital camera or camcorder. No doubt it will be used a lot during the honeymoon and beyond. If this is not part of the budget, another great gift would be a honeymoon photo album. To make it even more special, personalize it with the dates of the trip.

There are so many wonderful things that the family and friends of a future bride can give him. Her Christmas will be fabulous when she will receive the special things that she wanted for her wedding. All women like to be spoiled at Christmas: especially brides!


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