Christmas gifts: history and anecdotes


Christmas presents and the history of Christmas presents have a long history. The earliest historical references seem to indicate the origin of ancient Rome. Senior officials were to give gifts to the emperor at the time of the winter solstice. They were not exactly the Christmas presences as we know them, at least not at that date, but rather were part of the celebration of the birth of the sun god.

St. Nicholas is by far the most easily recognized source of Christmas gifts in the world. The parents left little gifts of candy or fruit to their children in honor of St. Louis. Nicolas. Sometimes the date of this gift exchange was associated with the December 25 festivals.

Christmas presents became a central part of the mid-nineteenth-century holiday experience, when Americans stopped changing simple little presents and instead adopted a more Christmas-oriented approach. and the exchange of gifts. It is thought that the advertising may have illustrated the change in Christmas gifts and the style of making Americans. In addition, the poem "A Visit of St. Nick" (also known as "The Night before Christmas") was written by Clement Moore in 1822 and published. The poem describes Santa Claus climbing chimneys and stuffing Christmas gift baskets before flying out for Christmas Eve with his miniature sleigh and magical reindeer.

More than likely, it was a combination of advertising, poetry and many other cultural influences that influenced the changing attitudes towards Christmas gift exchange. Now, however, the anticipation of giving and receiving Christmas presents leads to creative possibilities of gifts. Christmas parties, family dinners and more traditional forms of Christmas presents or hiding under the Christmas tree are all ways to surprise family and friends with unique and interesting Christmas presents.


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