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We all know that Christmas is not – or at least should not be – about presenters. However, let's admit that gifts are an important part of it. Recently, I've realized how important it is to choose the right gift. An inappropriate gift, which does not reflect the taste of the recipient or worse, which seems unthinking and heartless, will not bring the desired joy.

Some of us are gifted in the art of giving gifts (do not you like just that phrase?). Unfortunately, for most of us, this does not come naturally. We stumble, and sometimes our best intentions go wrong: the gift we have chosen is found in the back of a closet (or worse), a waste of money and a missed opportunity to show someone. one that we really care about. Which made me sit down and think a bit and I found a list of 5 tips that should help you choose the right gifts.

1. Choose something that matches the personality of the recipient

Of course, this is easier said than done. Usually, it is not the gifts for our loved ones that end in disaster, but the gifts we choose for people we do not know very well: collectors, teachers, cousin of your husband in Toledo. But it's not really necessary to know the intimate details. Think about it a little and maybe you know more than you think.

Did your colleague not mention the concert she attended last month? Maybe a recording of the artist would be appreciated. Is your daughter's teacher not planning a trip to Spain? A book can be useful. And the cousin? Is not she known far for the quilts that she sews? She would certainly like pretty new fabrics. These examples should give you an idea of ​​how to think. Likewise, do not be afraid to ask others to give you an idea if they know the recipient better than you. A gift suited to the interests of someone is always the best.

2. There is no taking into account of taste

If you are not quite sure about what is the taste of your recipient, Avoid buying something that strongly affects personal tastes (especially decorations). You probably know what scarf your best friend (who tastes yours) would like. However, candlesticks for your mother-in-law or a garden gnome for a distant cousin are something else. Even if your taste is impossible, can you be sure that the same thing can be said for the recipient?

3. Personalize your gifts

So, now that I've chosen the practical option of choosing a doodad, what should you do if, after exhausting your brain all afternoon, you still could not find a good idea? Well, my advice is to go with something innocent.

Generally, food products (provided you are sure that recipes consume dairy products, sweets, meat or whatever) are a good choice. If it is something tasty, even if the recipient does not care, someone else in the family is sure to enjoy it. The same can be said of plants.
Another option is to group together a variety of things (maybe a themed gift). For example, you can combine a little book on relaxation, a new diary, a photo album, bath scents and a box of chocolates (yes, I love my food) for a new mom. And finally, there is always the old reserve of gift cards.

So, what does all this have to do with customizing your gifts? After all, these gifts, although harmless, are strictly individual. Well, that's where your creativity comes in. Packing it with love, providing a thoughtful gift tag and adding decorative touches (preferably handmade) makes all the difference. They turn a banal gift into something that shows you care. Even if the gift itself does not meet the desire of a heart (remember, you could not for life understand that this should be or you would have stopped reading this list at the number one board), this shows that you think about it and wanted to give something special. And if the recipient does not really like the purple wrapping paper with the orange, blue and yellow stars that you have chosen? Well, it does not matter, because after all, it is only wrapping paper and will inevitably end up in garbage cans.

4. Choose Good Quality Products

No matter what you buy, nothing screams louder than a cheap and shoddy gift. It does not mean you have to spend a lot. There are many, many inexpensive products that are always of good quality. And there are ridiculously overrated things. Who needs a toy that falls apart on the first day, perfume that causes a rash or a set of candlesticks but if you have not listened to my previous advice, maybe you'll take at least that- at heart) who does not hold the candles correctly? hold up to their intended use.

5. Do not overdo it

Some of us tend to go overboard when they buy gifts. If you, among those who live in mortal fear of their credit card bills after the holidays, work to reduce this tension. Not only for yourself, but also for gift recipients. Although we all love to receive gifts, most of us feel uncomfortable if the gift we receive is (much) more than we expected. It makes us feel indented and pushes us to return the favor in the same way. Avoid causing this kind of discomfort and do not spend too much.


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