Christmas Gifts – The bad the good and the terrible right down


I slowly undo my fluffy feeling gift in the form of lumps, praying to God that it is not another sweater that I can wear only one day of year and it will itch when I put it. All the family members who chatted and laughed suddenly stopped what they were doing to watch me open the package, knowing my fate even before I finished taking the package. My mother smiles at me, the only portrait she knows what I have and did not have the heart to say who it was that I would not like it.

I begin to look down and close my eyes, hoping against any hope for a scarf or dressing gown that I can resume after a while without offending. I take a deep breath and open my eyes. Exhaling again, I see in front of me a sweater knitted by hand with Rudolf. Awesome.

Christmas for me has always been a minefield: now I know it's supposed to be with your family and have a good time, and I do it. It's just that for most people, in clear terms, it's about dealing with your crazy parents who always ask you why you do not have a man or your own place or where anything else to make you feel an inch tall, but does not really mean offending you, while trying to look happy when you receive gifts that you do not like. have no idea what to do or could not have done in a million years and really do not like it.

Recently surfing the web for gifts for my family: I'm the only one who has to give my brothers and sisters gifts because I do not trust them to get anything other than toiletry kits. I've found a website that lists the worst kind of gifts you could get for people. Rather amused, I scrolled through the list, realizing slowly that I had received all the items on the list at one time or another in my life. I felt completely unloved at that time.

First, there are the clothing gifts: God helps anyone who receives clothes, unless they have specifically asked for it, or come from people who pass everything. their time with you and really know what you love.

In my family, all the clothes you can not wear should be worn at least twice around this gift-gift until you can throw it away (or burn it in horrible cases). It must also be done with everything you can not take back and not give to someone else, for example:

Speaking to my cousin, she treated me to horrible stories of jumpers and sometimes whole outfits that we had knitted or fabricated forced to wear for the next few days. She told me how I had a poncho and a hat and pants made for me in Scottish fabric that my grandmother had bought, I would say that I was five years old and that I did not know not better. A shiver ran through me, blessed to know that I did not remember it.

I know that it is devious and that some people think it is rude but sometimes gifts that you can not take back I readily admit to others: if you can bear the idea of ​​giving someone a present you do not want. Each gift should be listed on a list of you so that you do not make it to the same person and cause more insult than expected. My friend did this once and their aunt did not talk to them for a year. Once I received a gift from another country, and while the idea was there, I had no idea what it was.

I honestly think that there are people who are born to cause problems at Christmas, and those are the ones who give smart stuff. gifts that seem to show someone something wrong. For me, they are the worst thing that is: I have seen a lot of family members and friends bothered by this kind of gift idea. Last year, it was a weight loss DVD for my aunt, who, I took it … with stories of how skinny she was when she was younger and did not know where his little weight gain had come from.

There are gifts that you cherish because someone thought of it, even if it was simple, like a friend's high-heeled chocolate, she had my name written on it and I knew that ########################################################################### She just had it because I love shoes. However, some people do not put any effort into the gifts: I mean the gift you get took a mere four seconds to find and had no consideration whatsoever you might think of it … or if you could even use it. This gift for me came from my brother: I was told not to think about it: I had a bath set – which in itself would not have been bad: if I did not have a bath set – that would not have been bad: was not allergic to most toilets photographed. Now, I will always forgive him, but since I make him so subtle hints about my allergies … I think he's had it when he recently commented on one of our friends.

Then there are the repetitive gifts: when you are given the same gifts year after year, even if you made it clear that you do not really like this kind of gift or that you do not use it not at all. came in the form of a set of recurrent toilets from an aunt and uncle, once they discovered that I liked a certain type, I got it every year for 4 years.

Once, I received a book about a boy's car that I had known for a long time, thankfully that I had the joke and I gave it back to him, but that m & # 39; I recalled how people sometimes receive presentations themselves, as a bag my mother has to squeak that she has never taken for herself as I have never used it.

Boxing Day is the day when most young women enjoy going out and shopping: fighting to find out who is the pretty top you've been eyeing all year and who's on sale for a fiver of your size This is a custom that we cherish ladies. However, some families seem to think that this day is for another Christmas day, with charades and my uncle asking me why I do not have a boyfriend yet (Bridget Jones comes to mind at this time same)

So, how can you avoid this? Well, apart from never letting someone give you a present. You can not. But you can perfect the art of smiling. The "it's a great gift". I hate bothering people, and unless you really do not like the person, you do not really have a choice.

So, let it go and smile. It's Christmas after all.


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