Christmas Ideas – 25 Christmas Recipe Ideas, Decorations and Activities to Inspire You


I must confess that every month of December I let myself get carried away in the hustle and bustle of the season. Instead of being merry, I burned the Christmas candle at both ends. No more! This year, I drew a line in the sand with my peppermint stick and I'm going to celebrate Christmas every day. I hope these ideas will inspire you and that you will join me in enjoying this special holiday.

1. Do not let the extra requirements of the holiday season steal your joy.

2. Ask someone you admire for a recipe.

3. Volunteer to help others.

4. Buy a real Christmas tree, shoot down your own tree (it's an event in itself) or buy a real tree to plant later.

5. Do something that you thought and talked about but never did. (Attend a Christmas concert, look at the Christmas windows, go to a Christmas display, etc.).

6. Go to church. There is a wide variety of time and services during this time of year.

7. Send real Christmas cards – You can go online and make them custom-made in minutes.

8. Listen to Christmas music.

9. With children – read Christmas stories – Do not spend money, go to the library. Choose them together. Add Christmas songs to your night lullabies.

10. Decorate "green" – Use real pine ropes and crowns, cranberries to fill the hurricane lamps.

11. Bring some kind of decoration to your office to prevent your work from stealing your joy! Think of goodwill and peace on earth – and in the office.

12. Attend a Christmas concert – there is always a lot of possibilities, from the smallest to the biggest.

13. Take a stroll or drive around your neighborhood at night to see the Christmas lights.

14. Reconnect with someone you've thought of.

15. Make a favorite treat from your childhood.

16. Start an ornament collection by purchasing one each Christmas.

17. Watch a Christmas movie.

18. Turks are not just for Thanksgiving! Cook a turkey for Christmas.

19. Write down the family stories before they are lost forever.

20. Pray for your friends, your family, your loved ones, our country and our world.

21. Go to any dollar type store and buy Christmas bags if you do not like to pack gifts. If you pack, be sure to save yourself enough time to wrap and do not wait until the last minute.

22. A gift does not have to cost money. Give a busy mom a baby sitting gift certificate you give, give your own gift card for chores, foot massages, back massages. To show creativity. People want the gift of our "presence" not always "present".

23. Really read the Christmas lyrics and do not sing them.

24. Take the calm of Christmas Eve. Stay calm and enjoy a moment alone.

25. Between the activities of the day, take a walk and enjoy the most special day of all holidays.


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