Christmas Ideas – Top 3 Gadgets for Teenagers Christmas Gifts


Gadgets, once reserved exclusively for teenagers, are of interest to both boys and girls. It is very likely that these Christmas Ideas are among the items on the list of the 10 best wishes of the teenager, though he does not have them all already.

Game Consoles

The Nintendo Wii console is particularly desirable because the game takes on a whole new dimension, as body movement becomes a key element of most games.

Wii Fit. If your teenager already has a Wii, the Wii Fit is a must. As its name indicates, it promotes fitness. As such, it involves the use of a platform on which you will spin and rock your weight to achieve the goals of the games, while losing a few calories. It's very fun for the whole family.

The PlayStation 3 and the X-Box 360 remain the two other contenders on the market. The three consoles are Christmas ideas that will make great gifts. However, with the Wii bringing more interactivity and being presented not only as a multiplayer console, but also as a family friendly multiplayer console, Nintendo has cleverly and successfully created a new niche in the gaming console market that brings families together who end up playing together.

iPod or iPhone

Since the iPod came on the market, it was indispensable. The latest incarnation, the iPod Touch and his cell phone, grew big brother – the iPhone, assured that this demand is still strong. If the budget is right for you, you can be sure that these Christmas ideas are prominently featured in the wish list of gadget-loving teenagers if they do not already have an iPod or iPhone. And even if they already have an iPod, they will probably want to upgrade to an iPhone.

As for mp3 players, the iPod is leading the pack. Many competitors have entered the market, but iPod remains the king of mp3 players. With the latest incarnation, rather than using physical controls, iPod Touch controls are enabled using the iPod's touch screen interface.

The iPhone takes the iPod touch and propels it into the mobile phone market. In addition to the telephone functionality, it also has an integrated microphone for speech and recording. There's also a built-in 2.0 megapixel camera – great for taking special shots while on the move and e-mailing them to your contacts.

Portable Game Consoles

The Nintendo DS Lite and the PlayStation Portable (PSP) are the younger brothers of mainstream games consoles. The main reason they are desired and are also great Christmas gift ideas, is that you can take them wherever you are. Fantastic for use on the go, especially during long bike rides.

The Nintendo DS Lite is particularly popular because it offers a wide choice of games. It also has a touch screen interface, bringing a whole new element to entertainment and games. The main functionality of the PSP is a standard feature, unlike DS Lite, but it is integrated with the multimedia features. However, unless you really want to buy movies to watch on the go, this feature probably does not matter.

Games for higher consoles

To be lighter, and assuming that the teenager in question already has one of the above consoles, you can simply buy him a game for this console. Before buying a game, you might want to try to find out what kind of game they like first, or if they've recently talked about their desire for a new game. This should allow you to to be discreet while making sure to offer them a game that they will really appreciate.

So here are 3 gadgets and games. Christmas Ideas that are fantastic gifts for technology and a gadget magnet teen girls and girls who are sure to smile.


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