Christmas lighting


Christmas lighting does much more than just illuminate your home. A house full of Christmas light signals the approach of the holidays and gives the outside world a hint of cheerfulness in the interior.

The classic "minus that is more" rule becomes especially important when it comes to Christmas lights. You should try to resist the urge to light every corner of your home, both indoors and outdoors. Instead, focus on selective Christmas lighting, to create focal points that would draw attention to the architectural details of your home, such as widows or pillars, or special items like a wooden reindeer

lights can create different moods. The strings of large colored lights tend to give a cheerful and upbeat tone, while the glittering white lights, classic and unobtrusive, suggest the season without overwhelming the scene. And the faint twinkle of candles would give your home a pleasant appeal.

The Christmas tree, the fireplace and the railings are all classic places to display the lights, however, lighting in unusual places would add an unexpected glow. Consider rolling strands of lights in groups and arranging them on your dining room table or inside a large glass vase on the mantel. Change your aerial lighting by wrapping a series of lights around the arms of a chandelier, and use it all season long. To create a romantic holiday dinner for two atmospheres, line the underside of a glass table with colored lights and put a transparent tablecloth on top.

For the festive outdoor atmosphere, twist the flexible wire lights. A terrific way to enhance the vacation appeal of your home would be to focus a white and colorful projector on the crown of your doorway. To finish the look, use bright star-shaped tulips to decorate the buttons on your lanai or the top of the fence posts.

Do not forget to create a seasonal glow by arranging candles on the mantel with metal accents. Glass and metal objects blend well with lighted candles because they reflect light. Draped gold garlands and sprigs of silver berries between the votives and pillars lined up along the chimney, and accent with metallic stars.


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