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It is at this time of the year that we think about putting up your Christmas lights. Why not try something different this year? There are many ways to spice up your Christmas lighting projects. You can use your existing Christmas lights in a new or different way. Alternatively, you can explore some of the new Christmas lighting trends that are on the market.

Of course, the cheapest alternative is to reuse your old Christmas lights in a different way from last year or previous years. If you tend to run along the gutter of your house, try to change things. Maybe this year, you can choose to illuminate the ramps of your porch and the perimeter of your door. Experiment with different ideas. Maybe you have some front trees that can be strung with lights while keeping your home unadorned. Think outside of your traditional Christmas lighting ideas. You can try different lighting ideas. If a new idea does not interest you, delete it and try something new.

A more expensive way to change things is to invest in a new Christmas lighting. With the new, lighter, more energy efficient lamps on the market, you save even money in the long run. These new, more energy-efficient lamps will have a positive impact on your energy bill. If you do not have the budget for the new Christmas lights this year, consider buying a single item "focus". For example, there are some excellent light balls at Ikea. Adding this ball to your existing light garlands will add spice.

A word of warning if you plan to buy a new Christmas lighting. The trends of Christmas lights come and go. What looked spectacular and wonderful a year might not seem so spectacular the following year. I learned this lesson with icy lights. The first year of marketing, I loved them. They looked so new and bright. The following year, their popularity seems to explode and every second house is adorned with ice cubes. I quickly tired of ice cubes. I recommend not spending a lot of money on the new Christmas trend. I tend to adopt more subtle traditional lighting schemes. Wait a year or two before you get into the new trends in Christmas lighting and you'll be less likely to go wrong.


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