Christmas market in Budapest


When thinking about Christmas shopping, most people have goose skin or stomach pain and they see an image of an overcrowded mall.

Can it be different? Yes of course! The Artisans Christmas Market in Budapest is something different. Every year it is held in one of the most beautiful squares in the city, on Vorosmarty Square. For this occasion, it is decorated and dressed in elegant ornaments. The pavilions are installed early November and the event is ready to start. Vendors are certified craftsmen offering unique products. We can choose from pearl, glass, bone jewelery or opt for unique leather products, traditional Hungarian cooking utensils or textiles. Do not miss the different candles and lights and the traditional or even extravagant winter hats, scarves or accessories. We can find handmade decorations for the Christmas tree or carved wooden toys for children and the list can go on for a long time … While we are looking for gifts for the beloved ones, it can happen that more and more the bag.

If someone is hungry or cold in the winter, there are many things to try. We can smell the buffets at a distance, many tasty flavors are in the air. Among the Hungarian specialties, we can enjoy traditional Christmas dishes and do not forget the wine or the punch. The good atmosphere is assured not only by the winter drinks but also by the organizers. There are programs every day, evoking the folk traditions of Christmas or we can listen to a Christmas concert. During Advent, the windows of the famous Café Gerbeaud are converted into a huge Advent calendar. Every day a window opens with a new surprise.

There are of course many visitors, but the atmosphere is totally different. In a way, people are more patient, more attentive to others. Do you want to experience it this year?


Source by Zsuzsa Fodor

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