Christmas Markets – The Ideal Place to Find Gifts for the Family


Christmas markets are the perfect place to find gifts for the whole family. In this article, we examine the history of Christmas markets and give you an overview of what you can expect when you visit them.

The origin of Christmas markets dates back to the Middle Ages in the German-speaking part of Europe. In many cities in Germany and Austria, Christmas markets usually coincide with Advent and the holiday season.

In southern Germany and parts of Austria, Christmas markets are sometimes the oldest. known as "Christkind markt" literally meaning "Christ Child Market" and usually stand on the village square.

Since their beginnings, Christmas markets have spread all over Europe and can now be found in cities in most Northern European countries. Germany in particular has exported its traditional market type to most of its surrounding neighbors.

The modern Christmas market differs somewhat from its ancestors, with a wider range of properties for sale. However, some of the most famous Christmas markets of Cologne, Vienna and Dresden, the oldest in Germany dating back to 1434, strive to maintain the traditional style.

The Stollen Festival is held on the second Sunday of December Stollen is a sweet fruit cake baked in the form of bread sprinkled with icing sugar. The festival dates back to the 16th century when bakers presented cakes to the local prince. Today, an enormous 3000 kg is paraded in the streets presided by a young girl Stollen.

Christmas markets have become a tourist attraction in some of Europe's largest cities, the most popular attracting two million visitors.

traditional Christmas markets have proliferated in recent years. One of the largest is in Manchester where the market covers eight sites in and around the city center, each with its own character and atmosphere. This year, the market is 14 years old. Here you can find a wide selection of products offered. With more than 200 booths to visit, the choice is vast and includes toys, gifts, jewelry and a wide assortment of food and drinks.

You can taste Hungarian goulash, Spanish paella or French pastries drizzled with mulled wine, Spanish or German beer or a delicious glass of wine.

It is also the ideal place to look for gifts that make the difference for the family. An excellent alternative gift idea is something in slate. You can find something for everyone designed in slate. From cheese trays and cake stands to nameplates, scoreboards, clocks and candle holders, you're sure to find something for everyone.


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