Christmas Markets Worldwide


Christmas is celebrated around the world wherever you want it or not, so it is best to indulge in the festive period of the year instead of being a grumpy Gus.

Whether you're in Germany, Bangkok or New York, Christmas markets are the best part of the season.

Christmas markets in Germany have existed since the 14th century. So, you know that they know how to celebrate holidays. The market offers all sorts of random gifts and trinkets to take you home as amazing memories if you are on holiday in Germany for the holidays. You can also find spicy red wine served deliciously hot. Nothing like warm blood to party, right?

If you are in New York for Christmas, you will discover the best of a Christmas market. There is one in Midtown and another in Union Square. They both serve a lot of food, and have lots of gifts to buy for you or your loved ones. Beware of crowds though. I recommend going early in the day to avoid cramped spaces and inevitable hostility.

The Midtown Farm Market is a little more discreet. People are quieter and take longer to browse their browsing movements.

Believe it or not, Thailand also celebrates Christmas! The country is 95% Buddhist.

What are your favorite Christmas markets? Have I missed?

If you have not been to New York, I recommend it among others.


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