Christmas morning The spirit of Santa Claus


The rooms are silent because each person has his own ideas about Christmas and the family that she gathers. We all watched TV during the holiday season as the ads showed beautifully decorated houses and heaps of gifts under the tree – everyone laughs and has a good time. The vision so many people are comparing their family reunions too. When I'm in the hospital for the holidays, I always think of a patient that's many years ago and that always makes me smile.

He was part of his 30-year-old group and mentally handicapped person. He had a teddy bear that he wore wherever he went and total chaos broke out when he did not have his bear. He had been in the unit for several months. With his child's behaviors, the staff was drawn to his excitement at Christmas. His aging parents came almost every day. When his mother was walking in the camera, he was so excited that he was jumping right on and wrapping both arms around his neck, as if it had lasted since he'd seen her. .

They played a game between them. The father pulled back with his hands in his pockets and smiled as he watched the game, he had obviously seen him play several times. The mother had her purse with a "surprise" hidden inside. The young man stood up with her wide-eyed and patting her hands in anticipation of what she was going to get out of her purse. The first few times, the staff even stopped to look – wondering what he was so excited about. She reached into her purse smiling "Are you ready?" took out the zebra gum. Yes eraser! Each package had a tattoo that you can put on your hand, he loved them.

With his extended stay due to his momentum of control and behavior, he was going to stay during the holidays. It means waking Christmas morning with Santa Claus – or so we thought. His mother had arranged for the staff to fill the gift tree after 2 am – not only for him but also for small gifts for others in the unit. The staff received chocolate chip cookies, she had cooked and elf hats that we could wear. His assassination against Christmas infected everyone around him – and now we had become elves.

At 2 o'clock in the morning, we stuffed ourselves in the big box with individually wrapped presents in the lobby – walking as quietly as possible between all the laughs exhibited in our hats, munching cookies. We dropped the presents under the tree. In a bag-type package, you can say that it contains something sweet. It was marked "Santa Claus". The instructions in the box read "Give this gift to Santa Claus". At the time, we did not know Santa would arrive, but we sat as if just in case.

The radio was broadcasting Christmas music all night – all the mice in the unit were sleeping, not a person on the move. When we heard a bell ring. Both employees burst out laughing – and the elevator doors opened. It was Santa … A loud laugh came out of the elevator and the young man came out of his room – slamming the door so hard that it hit the wall. The young man was at that time about 6 years old. He jumped up and down, clapping his hands, smiling from one ear to the other. Santa asks the staff where he left a gift in a bag that he wants to make sure he receives directly from him. We went to the tree and handed him the bag. When he handed it to the young man with his smile that stretched from one ear to the other, he went quickly into the bag and found a brand new teddy bear that he grabbed and waved the first hug.

From there, he began tearing the packages left under the tree, but his bear never left it. When I left my job this Christmas morning, there was an extra step in my preparation. His Christmas spirit had filled the air and left a memory that I will never forget. I do not remember seeing him again once he left the hospital but I never forgot the Christmas that I spent with him that day.


Source by Angela Brooks

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