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So. . . Do you want to get rid of their socks when they see your house and your Christmas tree this year? Do you want to do something different, unique – something that will not be out of date and exhausted next year? How about something to start a family tradition? We have the answer for you: this year, do it by hand!

Uh, no time, huh? Not even for an ornament? Well, yes, I understand. Really. I mean, sometimes it makes me want to shout "Bah humbug" and swear of all the holiday festivals – they are too stressful, there are too many expectations, they make me want to do it. . . .

Stand. Before climbing this red sled to the edge of the mountain in the dark abyss, let's take a look at our other options. It seems that others have been in the same path and have found some interesting solutions.

What do I mean? Well, I was online looking for original and unique artwork and I found some really cool things out there at reasonable prices! In fact, it was really amazing – you can find all kinds of decorative items – and just think how cool they will be to give as gifts!

Here is an example. A Canadian artist by the name of Terri Schuver has a series of holiday tricks that will put you in the shelter. His handcrafted holiday ornaments are – really – handcrafted. Everyone, one at a time. And it's not the only one – take a look in Google's holly-jolly country and you'll see for yourself!

You can find ornaments, decorations, gifts. . . everything and anything for your holiday tree, indoor and outdoor decorations, gifts for everyone on your list.

You may be looking for something different, something you can not find in every Big Box store. Are you tired of the same old, same old? So it is the year of change. Just a little research online and you will celebrate with a new twist in your vacation hitch.

Go now – ride on this big red Technicolor sled and take the best tour of the season – all the way home to make original and handmade ornaments and holiday decorations.

Ho-ho-ho, and all a good night!


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