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Christmas – games, parties and fun! Who can resist the joys of the holiday season all the decorations, traditions, contagious joy and endless parties! If the spirit of the holidays has led you to organize a Christmas party, you are in the right place! With a little planning, you can organize a memorable holiday party that will be remembered for a long time in the new year!

It's just around the corner – plan early!

In case you have not noticed (but we are sure), the month of December is crazy and becomes more and more crazy as Christmas approaches. The best advice on this subject is to PLAN EARLY! Planning in November will ensure you time to organize the party and tackle your own to-do list. You will also be able to retrieve the invitations before the Christmas calendars of your guests fill up.

Attention Pocket Book – Make a Budget

The first and most important step is to set a budget! Determine how much you can spend comfortably. Establishing a budget (and keeping it there) will not only allow you to keep Christmas money in your pocket, but also guide your party planning decisions.

The entire team and Aunt Sue Too – Make the guest list

Be realistic about the number of guests you can handle. Consider the size of your place and the work required to entertain a group. Also remember that it is the season of being happy and someone will probably bring an extra guest or two. Better to have a shorter list of closest friends and family, unless you plan to have help with accommodation and can afford to feed and entertain a larger crowd .

Anytime Now – Choose a Day and a Time

It's the season of complete social calendars, so choose your date early and wisely. If possible, it is best to give the customer at least three weeks' notice. Saturday is usually the best day for most people, but Sunday can be good too. Do not forget to consider your schedule, be sure to give yourself enough time to prepare for the party and your Christmas wish list.

All About Food – Plan Menu

Your budget, your guest list and the time of the holiday will help guide this step. You can choose a potluck event a catering deal or something in between. Sometimes an official dinner and invite guests to bring their favorite dessert. The only rule on party food is the time of the holiday. If your party hours include dinner time, you should serve heavier foods. Evenings can be used for hors d'oeuvres and lighter and heavier desserts. Do not forget the drinks! Alcoholic beverages are not mandatory, so do not feel obligated to serve them. Maybe wine options are a better fit for your business. If you offer alcoholic beverages make sure you have alternatives for those who do not drink and designed drivers. Keep the drinks bar simple to avoid the extra work of playing at the bar-tender and the extra bar storage fee. If any of your guests have one too, make sure that he does not go home.

Start the Party – Plan the Fun

Before all your Christmas party should be fun! Plan fun activities for the party to begin and continue.

– Christmas party games. Games are a great way to get your guest to talk and mingle.

– Cut the tree. Have all your tree decorations and let your guest cut your tree.

– Christmas Carol. Take a party outside and sing Christmas carols for your neighbors.

– Decorate cookies. Prepare a table with biscuit glazes and glitter and let your guest decorate the cookies. They can bring back their home-made cookies.

– Exchange of gifts. Either the Santa secret or the grab bag style. Make sure to include this on your invitations with an expense limit.

He'll come – Send the invitations

Now that party plans are in place, it's time to send the invitations. Remember, a three week notice (or more) is the best so get them out as soon as possible!

It's the thought that matters – the favors of the party

This is not always necessary, but it's nice to give each guest a small sign of thanks for their presence. This can be as simple as a slice of cake to go to a beautifully wrapped party favor gift. Again the cry of the watch is … budget!

Countdown – Final Steps

Shop for decorative items and party accessories 2 weeks before. This will give you time to find objects difficult to locate. If you are planning to order Christmas party games or other party supplies online, make your purchases three to four weeks before the party.

Buy food and beverages the day before the party. Also prepare any food that can be prepared in advance the night before. This will give you time to decorate, prepare food and prepare for your guest.

There you have it, plans for an event full of Christmas party games and meringue! Have fun and remember, whatever the budget or theme, your guest will appreciate the time spent sharing the joys of the season with family and friends. Above all, have fun and make no mistake!


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